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Fire ants are a common problem for renters and homeowners across America. If you have discovered that fire ants have made your home their own, then you need to do a few small chores around the house to let them know they are not welcome. Keeping fire ants away from your yard starts with a little bit of prevention and ends with a lot of pest control!

Fire ants love gardens, especially gardens with scrumptious snacks such as veggies. However, fire ants will damage your vegetables and other plant forms. They tend to make mounds on the lawn and then make their way into your veggies in a large group. If you notice any mounds growing on your lawn then it's time to act and act fast!

Fire ants are not only harmful to your plants and veggies but also pack a mean punch to humans which is why you should protect everything down to the kitchen herb garden. Fire ants can sting you leaving a painful sensation at the spot. Furthermore, because fire ants work in large numbers you may find that you are being bombarded by painful stings from this wee army of ants. In fact, it isn't common to receive hundreds of stings if you step on a fire ant mound.

Controlling Fire Ants

There are several ways to keep fire ants away from your yard and your garden but you will need to use a pest controller to do so. Some pest controllers can be harmful to your veggies so do your homework before heading to the garden shops. For keeping fire ants out of your yard you will need to look for granular baits. Apply the baits two or three times a year onto your yard and close to, but not in, the garden.

Be on the lookout for any type of fire ant killer that includes acephate, a popular ingredient for lawn care. You cannot use this in gardens as it will kill your vegetables. If you are looking for a fire ant bait that works in both gardens and yards, then stick to baits that include the ingredients methoprene or spinosad. Both of these are organic and much safer on your veggies. If you have young children or pets then it might be a good idea to choose these organic alternatives as well. You can spray these baits directly onto any mounds you notice as well as onto your plants where fire ants tend to go.

If you do not want to use pest control one way to prevent fire ants from coming into your yard is to keep your yard as landscaped and neat as possible. Short grass and well trimmed gardens make it hard for fire ants to build a home. If you are mowing twice a month or more, you will destroy their homes and thus they may find it easier to move. However, fire ants are persistent and may continue to build a mound week after week after week, regardless of how often you mow or till.

When it comes to keeping fire ants away from your yard you may need to ask for the advice of a professional. When you are scanning the items and looking for the right one for your lawn don't be afraid to ask the gardening expert for help. Depending on your yard, your garden and your fire ant problem, you may need different baits. Keep your lawn as trim as possible to avoid fire ants in the first place and, if this doesn't stop them, look for bait that is safe for your lawn, your garden and your family.

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