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Leather furniture is an elegant addition to any home. Leather furniture is fairly easy to clean and looks great with a number of décors. Although it tends to be expensive, it is also comfortable and resilient which means it will look good for a number of years, as long as you take the proper measures to maintain it. Even if you have children or host a rowdy neighborhood block party, you can still keep your furniture looking like new by following a few easy cleaning steps.

Cleaning Different Types of Leather

There are several different types of leather, all of which require a different method of cleaning. For aniline leather, you will need to use a soft cloth or a soft brush vacuum extension. Aniline leather is designed to look natural and thus dirt, fur and other markings will show up quite easily. With the soft cloth or soft vacuum extension, gently rub down the leather and vacuum the cracks and wrinkles to ensure you are getting every last piece of dirt. The soft cloth and vacuum combination is gentle enough for this sensitive material.

Pigmented leather is another common type of material used for furniture. It is often referred to as aniline-plus leather. Pigmented leather is designed with the family in mind which means it is more resistant to marks, scratches and has been pretreated to resist stains. If you are looking for the best resilient and ‘child-friendly’ leather furniture, look for pigmented leather when you are out shopping.

To clean pigmented leather, all you need is a soft cloth. Give the leather a quick brush with the cloth during your weekly cleaning routine. This will keep any marks and scuffs from appearing and also give your leather a shine.

If you have leather furniture made out of nubuck leather, then you will need to purchase a special type of cleaner designed for this type of leather. Nubuck leather is a very soft and expensive material. Also referred to as suede, nubuck leather is elegant and cozy but also can be a pain to clean if it is stained. Clean suede according to the directions on the special cleaner. Nubuck leather cleaners will be able to protect your sofa from body oils, water and sweat that often comes with sitting down for a long time. It won’t however, be able to resist strong stains from fruit juice, red wine or mud so be sure to always treat these stains right away to avoid them settling into the fabric.

Treating Stains on Leather Furniture

When it comes to treating stains on leather furniture, make sure you are quick to wipe the stain away. Most stains will easily come off your leather sofa with soapy hot water or with a leather cleaning solution but if the stain is really stubborn, or if you have a white leather couch, then you may need to call in a professional.

If you are really concerned about keeping your leather furniture looking like new, then avoid things that can damage it. Let your children know that the couches are for sitting only, not for eating, playing with crayons or climbing on. Alternatively, buy your kids their own little sofas (sold at any toy store) where they can sit when the family is watching television or in the lounge room. Keep your pets off the furniture to avoid unwanted scratches and bits of fur and always spray your leather furniture with a polish designed specifically for leather surfaces. All of these little tips will help keep your leather furniture looking new for longer.

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