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Is your dog constantly digging up your garden? Does your cat think that the flower bed is his own personal litter box? If so, then you are not alone. There are countless renters and homeowners out there that are trying to balance life as a pet owner and life as a gardener and finding out the hard way that this often doesn't work. However, fortunately there are a few tricks to keep pets away from plants and ensure that your garden looks green and great without saying goodbye to your furry friends.

It's Spot or the Garden

You do not have to choose between plants and pets. Contrary to popular belief, they can co-exist. There are several products developed that will repel animals away but without doing harm to your furry friends or your garden and also keep you from having to open a new savings account. These chemicals have an odor that will repel the animals away which means less digging and less fecal disposal near your plants.

If you do not want to use chemicals to keep your pets away from your plants then you can also try to sprinkle alum powder around the bushes and flowers. This will not harm them but will repel your dog and ensure that he doesn't dig there. Another good option is moth crystals; however, if you have children you will need to cover the crystals up with dirt for their own protection.

There are other methods that have worked for some pet owners in the past to repel their pets from their plants. Covering up your indoor house plants with aluminum foil will keep the cats from digging them up. You can also use pine or other evergreen cones in the dirt which will repel a dog. Or, another tried and true method is to bury a cotton ball that has been dipped in cloves oil into your garden. Keep the cotton ball close to the surface which will also work as a repellent for your pets.

Fencing out the Problem

Another easy option when it comes to keeping your pets away from your plants is to build a garden bed and fence. A small fence around the garden bed will ensure that other animals, such as rodents, also stay away from your flowers and can actually look quite attractive if you use the right materials. Consider adding rocks around the garden bed and choosing a fence that will complement your flowers and well as the structure of your home.

There are also invisible fencing options available which can be more expensive but will keep all pets and children away from the garden. You can customize an invisible fence that works with your home as well as your pet. You may need to dish out a lot of money to get this type of fencing system but it will work in the end.

Finally, teach your pets that digging in the garden is not allowed. If you notice your dog sniffing around the plants, stop him. You do not need to resort to violence; a firm No will do. Be persistent. Eventually your pet will figure it out and your plants will be safe.

When it comes to keeping pets away from plants both indoors and outdoors, every single family and every single pet is different. Test drive some of these solutions and see which ones work and which ones don't work for your pets. You may find that an invisible fence is the only viable solution or you may be happy to resort to moth crystals or alum powder. It all depends on your pet, your plants and your purpose.

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