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When you are faced with a drought you will most likely have a water ban in place. You may only be allowed to use the sprinkler or hose once a week, if that. It can be hard to watch your lovely plants suffer but you need to adhere to any water ban in place and consider beginning couponing to save money when purchasing water frm the store. Discover ways to keep your plants alive during drought season without resorting to stealing water.

While you may not be able to water your plants as often as you want, when you do get to water them, make sure you give them a deep clean. Water once a week or less but water your plants intensely. Make sure the water is soaking deep down into the root and into the soil.

If you are looking for alternative ways to water, one option is to use your bath water to water your plants. Put the plug into the bath tub at shower time and reuse this water for your plants. You can fill up the watering can and then carry the water around the house and outside giving your plants the water they need. You are not breaking any water ban during the drought as you are just reusing your water.

Another common problem when it comes to drought season is that it is also holiday season which means you and your family may be leaving for a few weeks. You may be worried about your plants during this time. Ask a neighbor to come over and water your plants once a week and check up on the place. Bring them back a little souvenir, a bottle of wine and a hanging basket for their own garden to say thank you. Make sure you offer to do the same for them if they are planning on vacationing anytime soon.

Gardening During the Summer

Another easy way to keep your plants alive during drought season is to use mulch. Mulch will help to retain water to the soil which means your plant will remain fresh for longer. Spread a light amount of mulch in your garden and around tree trunks to help balance your pH soil and keep your plants refreshed. However, avoid using too much mulch which can suffocate the roots and also invite rodents to your garden.

Contrary to popular belief, fertilizer will not make your plants grow, especially during a drought. When you are reducing the amount of water you are using, you should also be reducing the amount of fertilizer to reflect this. Too much fertilizer and not enough water can result in water pollution.

When you are faced with a drought, avoid pruning your trees and plants. This will just add more stress to them. Although it is common belief that taking a little bit off the top will help the plant to grow, this is not the case during drought season. Instead, you are just inviting burgs and bacteria to feed off the pruned area. Wait until the drought is over before getting out the pruning shearers.

If you have moveable plants you may want to bring them into the shade and get them out of the direct sunlight during those hot summer seasons. Shade can keep them much cooler and can decrease the temperature by as much as 10 degrees. Once the temperature has cooled down you can move your planters back into their place. Keeping plants alive during a drought requires a few minor adjustments to your regular gardening routine. However, with mulch, with intense watering, with shade and with less fertilizer, your plants can survive the scorching summer.

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