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With nearly any type of furniture you use to decorate your home, there are special care-taking guidelines you will need to abide by if you want the furniture to last you for years to come or if trying to impress when renting out a room. From some renters, furniture purchases are symbolic of having reached a place of independence in their lives; for others, these purchases are exclusively practical, oftentimes expensive, and accordingly meant to last for the duration. It can be very disheartening to discover that your treasured furnishings have become faded or damaged. Fortunately, the effort you will find yourself putting into the ongoing upkeep for your items is relatively simple.

For nearly any type of furniture you have, whether constructed of wood or another element, there are a couple of standards that apply equally to all. These guidelines include not overexposing your furniture to either heat or direct sunlight. If you have a piece of furniture that is permanently wedged against a window that ushers in strong sunlight, and is rarely curtained, you will probably have to contend with fading at some point. Try to keep important pieces of furniture, for the majority of the time, out of the sun's rays to best maintain the vibrancy of the original colors.

Ongoing Upkeep of Wood Furniture

With the proper upkeep, you should be able to maintain the integrity and like-new appearance of your wood furniture until such a time as you choose to upgrade furnishings or redecorate. Some people discover that, with an attentive touch and an appropriate polish, they can actually obtain older, dull looking items and restore them so that they look new once again. If you are a renter operating on a relatively tight budget, you may make a routine of looking around for quality, used furniture to restore. Once you have fixed any broken parts, thoroughly cleaned the older furniture items, and applied a new finish or seal as needed, your process of keeping older furniture looking new will be the same as it would be for maintaining your newly purchased items.

In addition to keeping wood furniture out of direct sunlight, it is advisable to wipe it down regularly with a lint-free cloth. This serves to remove everyday dust and the appearance of dullness. You will probably also want to find some type of furniture polish to keep your wooden chairs, coffee tables, t.v. stands, etc. looking the way they looked when you first purchased them. There are common polishes that work for a wide variety of furnishings. If you are concerned at all about how specific properties of your furniture item (such as its finish) will react with a certain polish, make sure to thoroughly read over the information on the polish. One important thing you will want to aim for is always using the same type of polish on your tables and other items. When you apply polish, do so in the direction of the grain rather than against it.

Keeping wood furniture looking new also entails keeping especially hot items away from it. You make have seen an example of why this recommendation matters if you have ever removed a hot dish from the oven, or microwave, and set it on a wooden counter area without a potholer beneath it. What you typically see when intense heat of this variety meets a wooden surface is a discoloration of the material. There will quite often be a spot that appears blanched compared to the surrounding wood. For this reason, it is important to place a buffer of some sort below hot places before setting them down.

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