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The main purpose of a garage is to provide a safe and secure place to park your car; however, many households across America will use their garage as an extra storage area or even convert it into an additonal room on the house. Instead they will park their cars in the driveways. Other households will use their garages as both a storage area or outdoor pet area and a car park by looking into shelving units and organizational tools to keep things clear. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to clear out all the junk that has built up in your garage enough so that you can park your vehicle in there.

How to Clean your Garage

So where do you begin? First of all, clear an entire day for the job to be done. If you finish in a couple of hours then you can enjoy the rest of the day in peace. If you have children and a partner, ask them to participate. After all, there is a good chance that a lot of the junk in there is theirs as well. Do a little shopping before hand and pick up some storage items - large containers and plastic boxes, shelving units, labels and anything else that you may find helpful in keeping track of the items. You will also need several garbage bags for anything that will get thrown or donated to a charity.

Start at one corner and attack it head on. Make a pile of all the things that you would like to keep, would like to throw and would like to get rid of, either by selling through a garage sale or by giving to charity. There may be some items in there that you don't want to part with, such as your 15 year old son's tricycle or your ab-roller machine collecting dust that you swore you would use every day. It can be hard to get rid of these items but you need to just let it go.

Move all the garage items, including the junk and the items to keep out on the front lawn or into the driveway so you can give the garage a good sweep, mop and scrub before bringing everything back in. You may even want to add a coat of fresh paint to the floor id there are several scuffs, oil markings and other things that are making the garage look in poor condition.

Garage Organization Tips

Once you have cleaned the garage it's time to start organizing. Put all smaller like-minded items into the storage boxes and label them. Choose plastic boxes that will not rot if they do get wet or damaged. You may want to have one box for exercise equipment, one box for sporting goods, one box for tools and one box for luggage, all of which are common items to be found in a garage. You may want to set up hangers to store items like bikes, helmets, backpacks and bags (that you use!), ski poles and anything else that is hangable.

Cleaning and organization are only two of the things you need to do to keep your garage clean. You also need to ensure that everything remains in its place and avoid the urge to dump old items into the garage if you don't know where else to put them. Keeping your garage clean and organized can ensure that you are able to find everything you need when you need it and will keep those stress levels down when you pull into a clean and comfortable garage.

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