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Pets are quite similar to children in a sense that they adore their Mom and Dad. Most dogs and other pets are extremely loyal and will be much happier to be with you as much as possible. While most people do not have the luxury of taking their pet to work with them, there are ways to keep your furry baby happy without quitting your job to be a stay-at-home-pet-owner.

Keeping a Dog Happy

Having a dog can be a wonderful experience but also a tiring one. After a long day in the office you most likely don't want to come home and take your dog on a 10 km walk. While some dog owners are happy to do this, you can also find more relaxing ways to keep your dog happy. Look for a dog park in your area where your dog can frolic around with other pets while you can sit down on a bench and chill out for a half an hour. Take your dog to a grassy area with a ball and let him play fetch to wear out that energy while you brainstorm ways to lower monthly power bills.

If you miss his daily exercise, then why not let him come with you to pick up some milk at the grocery store or to get the morning paper. If you are not walking there, bring him along in the car. Most dogs love car rides or anything else where they get to be involved.

Take the time to think about activities where your dog can come along. While he will obviously need to stay home if you are taking the kids to the mall or the movies, look for outdoor activities where your dog can come along. Walks on the beach, picnics at the park and rollerblading or bike rides around the neighborhood are all great activities for both you and your dog.

In addition to exercise and attention from his owner, dogs also need to be fed and to be entertained during the day. Consider buying some bones from the butcher and let him snack on one while you are at work. Teach him how to do tricks and reward him with treats and plenty of praise. Your dog will be much happier if you let him know that he is loved.

Being a Good Pet Owner

This is also true with any other pet. While it may be impossible to let a turtle or a fish know you love them, you can keep them comfortable and happy by providing them with plenty of food, drink and comfortable surroundings. Cats are similar to dogs in that they love attention. Cats also love cozy places to sleep and lounge during the day. Your cat will not be as disappointed as your dog when you get into your car and drive to work each day as long as your cat is allowed to lounge on your bed, on the couch, on your cozy chair and anywhere else that is soft and warm.

When it comes to keeping your pet happy, you need to keep them fed, cleaned, comfortable and healthy. Make sure you also keep your pets up to date on their vaccinations and that they are groomed, cleaned and fed on a regular basis. Most cats love to have their fur brushed and some dogs even like having a bath (but certainly not all dogs!). One thing is certain, however; all pets love cuddles from their owner. So when you pick your new pet, be prepared to give them a lot of scratches, rubs, hugs and kisses.

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