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There are several cats, dogs and other domestic animals that are trained from the beginning to stay outside. However, there are even more pets that have been taught that they are allowed to roam free inside and outside. If your pet falls into the latter category it can be next to impossible to teach him that now indoors is off limits. Teaching your pet to stay outside can be painful for both you and your pet which is why you need to go about the transition in the best way possible.

Moving your Pet Outdoors

There are a number of instances where you may need to teach your pet that indoors is now off limits. If you have moved into a rental house that only allows outdoor pets or if one of your children have come down with a pet allergy then your pet may need to get the boot outside. Or, you may simply be tired of cleaning up all the cat hair and dog fur from your living room. Whatever the case make the move from indoors to outdoors as smooth as possible so your pet doesn't think you are punishing her.

When you are moving your pet outdoors they may have better luck if you start gradually. Put your pet outside during the morning. Take her for a walk or spend some time outdoors with her so she knows that you are there. Set out her indoor toys and sleeping area so she will be comfortable. As long as she is not cold or uncomfortable, she should settle into the new routine perfectly, though you may have to spend more on lawn care fees.

Some dogs prefer to have a safe area, such as a doghouse, located outside so they can hide. Others, however, will be happy to sleep and lounge anywhere. Watch your pet to see how they adapt to the surroundings.

Settling into Sleep Outside

Nighttime can be tricky. You may notice your cat crying to come in or your dog whimpering at the door when all the lights go off. In the same way parents have different methods of putting their kids to sleep, you can decide what is best for you. You may choose to let them 'cry it out' or you may take a more soft approach by spending a little time outdoors with them, comforting them.

You may want to put a shirt that smells like you outdoors on their bed or place a few treats there. You may even wish to stay outside with them until they fall asleep. For some this is a little drastic but for others this is all part of comforting your pet. You are the master; you can decide how to make this transition.

The biggest thing when it comes to moving your pet outdoors is that they still feel like they are part of the family. This means spending more time outdoors as a family. Make an effort to all stay outside during the warmer months. Consider eating dinner al fresco or set up a picnic outdoors so your pet can attend the festivities as well.

When you do go on family outings, let your pet come along whenever possible. Choose pet friendly parks, beaches and walking trails so that your dog can be a part of the family. Then, once night time does come and it's time for everyone to go inside, your pet will be so pooped and content that sleeping away from you and living outdoors will come naturally. Keeping your pet outside is a gradual process but you can make it much easier with love, patience and attention.

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