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Yard work. If you are like most people then these two words bring notions of sore muscles, dirty hands and hard work. But it doesn't have to be like this. Doing a bit of yard work once a month will help you keep your yard tidy and ensure that you are not battling overgrown weeds and mowing over three feet of grass. Keeping your yard tidy is all about staying on top of the hard work. You can do this in a number of different ways, and this can help you determine selling prices for your home by making it more attractive.

How to Keep Your Yard Clean

The first thing to remember when it comes to keeping your yard tidy is to put away your outdoor items. While your kids may make an epic mess of their toys every single day, take three minutes to clean up at the end of the day. Or, better yet, get them into the habit of putting away their toys before they sit down at the dinner table. This goes for grown up toys as well. Do not get into the habit of letting dog toys, sand pails, bikes and old shoes litter your backyard. Clean it up, throw it out and keep your yard looking good every single day.

Another thing to do when it comes to keeping your yard tidy is regular maintenance and yard work. This includes mowing at least once a month, weed whacking, gardening and doing regular spot checks of the area. Yes, this sounds dreadful but if you do one big cleanup once a year and then regular maintenance every month, it won't be so bad. In fact, you can probably get everything done in a couple of hours, especially if you are working as a team. While one of you mows, the other can work in the garden pulling out weeds. While one of you weed-whacks, the other can rack and compost any leaves that have fallen during the autumn.

Enjoying your Back Yard

Keeping your yard tidy allows you to actually enjoy your backyard and outdoor living space. However, it is not only for your own pleasure but also for your safety. Making sure that there are no still water areas in your backyard ensures that you are not attracting mosquitoes that carry dangerous diseases. Making sure that you have picked up any rotting fruit from your fruit tree ensures that you are no attracting bears and rodents. Cleaning up your pets' droppings on a daily basis ensures that you or your children are not stepping in it accidentally.

All in all, you get a much more comfortable setting that you can actually enjoy instead of constantly looking outside and seeing a big job ahead of you. You can host barbeques in the summer without spending a weekend excavating your backyard; you can set up a paddling pool or slip and slide for the kids without worrying about thorns and dog droppings everywhere; you can let the kids play outside without fearing that a snake may slither out of the overgrown bushes and grass.

Keeping your yard tidy doesn't take that much time as long as you do not let things get out of hand. A couple of hours a month can ensure that your yard remains clean without having to spend hours in the garden getting dirty and exhausting yourself on your days off. Set a date once a month to spend a couple of hours in your yard and soften the blow by getting your family involved as well. Once the jobs are done, you can enjoy a cleaner outdoor living space and more time with one another.

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