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Kentwood renters insurance should be obtained by all renters in Kentwood, whether they have signed a lease for a full year or just for a short time. If you are planning on living in Kentwood for just a short time, a short term lease may be the best bet for you. Whether you plan on staying in MI indefinitely or you are just passing through, if you are renting an apartment in Michigan, you need to have a Kentwood renters insurance policy in place.

Short Term Leases in Kentwood

Short term leases with Michigan short term renters insurance make the most sense for people who know that they will most likely not live in the area for a year or longer. Students may benefit from a short term lease. People who are working in the area for awhile but not permanently may also be better served by a short term lease.

If you are looking into a short term lease, you may have the option to rent a furnished apartment. A furnished apartment comes with the basic amenities, like a television, couch and a bed but may not have much more. Furnished apartments are generally slightly more expensive per month than a non-furnished apartment. For those who don't have any furniture or don't want to incur the costs that moving furniture entail may find a furnished apartment a more attractive option.

Signing a Short Term Lease

A short term lease is flexible. If you have signed a short term lease, you can move sooner than most people. Whether this is because of school, a job or just wanderlust, you are not locked into living in the same place for a year or more.

If you decide that a short term lease is right for you, you may sign a lease for a set time frame or on a month to month basis. Whatever you do, you will probably spend more than someone who signs a lease for a full 12 months. You will be paying for the convenience of the flexibility that comes with a short term lease.

A month to month lease in like insurance that you can leave your apartment at any time without penalty. To sign one of these leases, you will have to agree to provide your landlord with notice that you are leaving. Depending on your landlord's policy, you may need to give one or two months notice that you will be vacating your apartment. While a month to month policy may be more expensive and a hassle for your landlord, it gives you the flexibility to vacate your apartment with just a little bit of notice.

Most Kentwood landlords would prefer to have the security of a 12 month lease. That way they know they will have their property rented for the next year. If a property has sat vacant for awhile, a landlord may even try to get their prospective tenants to sign leases for longer than a year.

If you know that you won't be living in that apartment for a year, fear not. Many landlords will negotiate lease terms in order to get their property rented. A rented apartment is better for a landlord, and their landlord renters insurance policy, than a vacant apartment. The landlord may just charge you extra for the privilege of having a shorter lease.

If you are planning on renting an apartment in Kentwood for a short time, you will still need to get a Kentwood renters insurance policy. A Kentwood renters insurance policy will protect you from liability in case of a visitor's injury. A Kentwood renters insurance policy will also protect the belongings that you decide to keep in your apartment from damage or loss due to natural disasters or theft.

When you vacate your short term rental, you will need to update your Kentwood renters insurance agent as to your change in apartments. Renters insurance policies are only good for the person and apartment to which they were issued. A renters insurance policy can not be transferred to your next apartment so when you move, you will need to notify your renters insurance agent and get a new renters insurance policy for your new apartment.

Whether you plan on staying in Kentwood for the time being or you are just staying for a short time, if you rent an apartment in MI, you need to have a Kentwood renters insurance policy in place. A Kentwood renters insurance policy protects any of your belongings that are housed in your MI apartment. A renters insurance policy will also protect you from liability in case anyone is injured while visiting your Michigan apartment. Having a Kentwood renters insurance policy in place is a smart move to protect you from most anything that will occur in your Michigan apartment.