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Lake Shore renters insurance is designed to help protect Florida area residents against financial catastrophes that are related to property losses inside of the home. This specific type of coverage also protects against potential liabilities that occur on the property. Since this particular Jacksonville neighborhood consists of many marinas and boaters, some residents are under the misconception that their boats are covered under their regular Lake Shore renters insurance policies. In order to cover all of your valuables, you might consider getting a separate policy for your boat. There are a variety of Jacksonville rental coverage options for all Lake Shore residents at reasonable rates, and multiple policies could even get you discounts off of your current coverage.

FL Coverage Basics

Renting a home gives you the advantage of not having to worry about paying for damages or replacing items directly related to the dwelling you live in. The homeowner is responsible for having a Lake Shore policy that will help to pay for such costs. However, this type of insurance policy does not apply to a renter's valuables, so it is important that you obtain your own Florida coverage in order to protect your belongings in Jacksonville.

A Lake Shore renters insurance policy has a few purposes. The first function of this coverage is to give you the money you need to replace your valuables. Many renters are left at a financial disadvantage because they have no means to replace their items. Some examples of potentially damaging events include wind storms, broken pipes and fires. This type of cheap Florida renters policy also covers item damages and losses related to thefts, as well as acts of vandalism.

Lake Shore renters insurance does more than to simply cover your valuables after a catastrophic event. This type of policy also offers protection if someone were to accidentally get hurt inside of your home. If someone's injuries are not fully covered by FL medical insurance, then this type of policy can offer additional coverage. Also, Florida renters insurance helps to protect policyholders against any liabilities related to getting sued over an injury that occurs within their homes.

FL Boats and Protection

A boat is a major investment, and is certainly one of the most expensive valuables that you own. Many Lake Shore renters house their boats at a marina because there aren't any waterways behind their homes. Other renters are fortunate enough to be able to house their boats right on the property. However, keeping your boat by behind your house does not mean that your Lake Shore renters insurance policy will cover it.

Many renters are confused by the fact that a Lake Shore renters policy will cover valuables inside of their homes, but not other valuables like boats. When you rent a home, the owner is responsible for insuring the actual dwelling so that it can be repaired or replaced when needed. This gives you the security of knowing that you will have a place to live, even if your house gets damaged or completely destroyed.

A Lake Shore renters insurance policy does protect your valuables, but it is designed to pick up on what a homeowners policy does not cover. A Lake Shore house policy might cover the owner's valuables inside of the home, but only if he or she lives there--this type of policy does not cover a renter's valuables. At the same time, even a homeowner's insurance policy does not cover Jacksonville boats. Covering your boat is considered a separate entity, so you should not rely on your Lake Shore renters insurance as a way to cover the vehicle if it is damaged or destroyed in a natural disaster.

Bottom Line in Lake Shore

As a renter, it is in your best interest to obtain coverage through a Lake Shore renters insurance policy. This will ensure that you have the financial backing you need in order to replace your belongings in the case of a catastrophic event. At the same time, you are also given the peace of mind knowing that you have liability coverage in the event that someone gets injured in your home and at no fault of your own.

If you have a boat, it is also important that you obtain insurance protection for it. If the boat were to get damaged, destroyed or stolen, it is unlikely that you would be financially ready to replace it all on your own at a moment's notice. The good news is that many of the providers listed on our website also offer boaters insurance, and you could even get an additional discount for opening a policy with the same company. If you decide to obtain a Lake Shore renters insurance policy separately, there are no penalties against your premium amounts.