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Laminate floors are an easy way to update your home. Laminate floors are made to look like hardwood floors, marble or any other type of material. However, they offer a much more affordable and easy-to-maintain alternative to the real thing. Because of this laminate floors are popping up in homes, apartments and other dwellings across America. However, like any flooring, laminate floors can still get damaged. Unfortunately they are not spill-proof, weather-proof or children-proof which means you may need to repair your laminate flooring from time to time.

Laminate Floor Scratches

One of the most common problems people face with laminate flooring are scratches which can be caused by pets, dropped items and heavy walkers. Laminate floors are durable and resistant but this does not mean you will not scratch. Like any surface, laminate floors have a weak point and this is scratches. The most common scratches on laminate floors are caused by sand and dust particles. However, dog claws and high heeled shoes can also cause minor scratch marks.

If you have laminate floors in your rental property, it is a good idea to invest in a set of wax crayons which are sold in flooring and hardware stores. These crayons come in a number of colors so be sure to match the crayon to your floor boards. Simply clean the affected area, apply the wax crayon to the scratches and color. The crayon will fill in the scratches. You can clear off the crayon that has gone onto your floor with a clean dry cloth.

If you are looking at a serious scratch on your laminate floors, often caused by moving furniture across the floor, then you should look into adding putty to the scratch. Again, you can purchase putty at any hardware or flooring store. Simply clean the affected area, smooth the putty into the scratch using a knife, wipe out any extra dough and wait for at least an hour. You might want to add the crayon to the putty after it is dried to ensure the coloring is not different.

Laminate Floor Peak Problems

Another major concern when it comes to laminate flooring are peaks, which develop when the floor panels expand or change size. This is something that will happen due to weather changes or climate conditions which means you need to be prepared for peaks to occur, no matter where you live. When the laminate floors were installed (either by yourself or a professional), there were spacers around the edge of each room. These spacers were used to create a small crest between the walls and the floorboards. The spacers are used to ensure that the laminate floor can expand without peaking. If there are still spacers around the walls, you can remove them as soon as you notice peaks. If there are no spacers, you can take out a panel that is closest to the wall, cut about a half an inch from the width and reinstall the laminate floor board panel.

Regular maintenance is also an important part to laminate floor repair. Avoid walking on your floorboards with sky-high heels on and if you own a dog, keep the boisterous running games where scratching can occur to a minimum. Always use wheels to move furniture and consider purchasing bits of carpet to place under all table legs and furniture to avoid any unwanted scratching as well. Keep your laminate floors cleaned, avoid any water spills and clean up all stains as soon as possible to help reduce expanding, mould buildup and other problems with flooring. Regular care will ensure your laminate floors last longer and look better no matter what pressure they are under.

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