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Landlord contents insurance is an important plan to consider for a landlord in addition to liability coverage because of the importance of protecting your personal possessions against uncompensated loss. Contents insurance is specifically geared to protecting the possessions of the policyholder against any and all covered losses. Things like fire, theft, certain types of water damage, and vandalism are all covered along with a host of other loss types. If you are the owner of a furnished apartment or loft, for example, you have a lot at stake financially in the building beyond just the physical structure which is covered in your standard landlords policy. It is good to have the additional protection offered in landlord contents insurance as well.

What Contents Insurance Covers

A landlord that wants to know more about this type of plan needs to know what it covers and why it is so important to consider. If you have significant money invested in anything other than the physical dwelling, you need to think about getting a plan like this for your rental townhouse or condo. In other words, if there are furnishings and materials that are not permanently part of the structure, you need to protect them against loss. This includes any family dwelling that comes furnished or even partially furnished.

Perhaps you provide a dining room table and furniture. Maybe your rentals come with pull out couches and end tables in the living rooms. Or maybe you rent dwelling places completely furnished from wall to wall. Whatever you bring into the building that can subsequently be removed is basically what falls under the heading of landlord contents insurance. In other words, though the bathroom cabinet might be screwed to the wall, it is not a permanent feature of the building, so it would fall into this category.

For those of us who rent furnished apartments, this protection is absolutely critical. But there are items in any rental that need this type of coverage, so it is always important to include contents in your landlord insurance plan. This is true no matter what kind of housing you specialize in. You could mainly be based in college towns providing student housing, or you could be e developer of senior citizen independent living rentals that feature medical staff and the whole works. Either way, or with anything in between, there exists a real need for landlord contents insurance that contains sufficient coverage for all that you own and provide inside the rentals.

Determine Proper Contents Insurance Limits

One thing that every landlord in this situation needs to think about is how much of this landlord contents insurance is going to be necessary. If you're renting to students, you can require them to obtain student home contents insurance, but you still need to know how much coverage you need. The answer to that question might be different for different landlords and buildings. In many cases a standard default plan will contain sufficient financial protection to cover everything in the event of a total loss. Obviously, this is the goal of all policies, to help policyholders start over if the unthinkable ever should happen.

Bit in some cases, a default level of contents insurance might not be enough. If you are a landlord that rents fully furnished upper scale condos, for example, you might find that the financial value of the things in your units far exceeds the limits of coverage in standard default type policies. When this is the case, you just have to increase your landlord contents insurance to suit your needs. This, of course, will result in the need to get some specialized quotes; but getting estimates for quality landlord contents insurance is not all that complicated or difficult anyway. In fact, when you compare companies and policies using our free form, it is very simple.

Free Quotes for Contents Insurance

Find out all that you can about this important form of protection and see what a difference it can make for you to be insured against all the risks you might face as a property owner in these circumstances. Get several estimates for landlord contents insurance from quality local providers serving your home area and learn what it is going to take to get the protection you are looking for as a landlord. These coverages are very important to all of us as landlords, and they are very affordable too, especially when we seek out the best value in the market.

Find that best value and save as much money as you can while also protecting all the financial investment you have wrapped up in your properties. Be sure you are covered no matter what happens and get set to rent out your homes without any worries. It is expensive enough owning properties without having to add to the list of expenses on top of everything else. Get cheaper landlord contents insurance and find what you need for less.