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Renting a large house can be a lot of hard work but also a great way to save on your rent, especially if you live with a lot of roommates. Sharing a large house with five different roommates means that you are only responsible for 20 percent of the rent and bills each month. However, it also means that there is a lot of space to keep clean and tidy. Consider your individual lifestyle and financial situation when determining whether a large house rental is right for you.

Large House Living Situations

Large house rentals are perfect for larger families because they are usually in suburbs near parks for children, for students or for a shared accommodation. Many large houses are used as share houses for students and travelers which mean you are only renting a room and sharing a living space with several other people. One of the biggest benefits to living in a large house with a number of people is that you are sharing the living expenses as well as the rent. However, it also means you need to set up several house rules in terms of food sharing, paying for groceries, keeping the house tidy and maintaining the chores and yard.

Renting a large house requires a lot more maintenance than renting a small apartment. You can expect it to take longer to vacuum a three story five bedroom home than it would to vacuum a loft apartment. You can also expect more chores to build up including dishes, laundry, mopping, dusting, mowing the yard and keeping the bathroom clean.

Whether you are living with children or with roommates, one way to keep your large house tidy is to delegate chores to everyone. Young children can help out with easier chores such as setting the table and loading the dishwasher while Mom and Dad can do the harder jobs like mowing and mopping. Roommates can all share each chore and use a rotation schedule so that everyone pitches in equally to keep the house clean and sanitary.

Renting a Large House

Large house rentals often come with large backyards as well and most are located in suburbs outside of the main city. If you have a family with a number of children, this can be a blessing. It means that you will most likely be living among other people with children and that your children will have a lot of space to play both inside and out. However, if you are living with roommates and enjoy a late night get together or two, then you need to consider how your neighbors will feel about this. If you are living next to several different families where bedtime is 7:00 pm (which is fairly standard for people with young children), then you will need to limit your late night toga parties to a weekend or two.

A large house is also a good idea for pet owners looking for pet friendly accommodation. Many landlords of larger houses are happy to rent out their home to pet owners as there is plenty of outdoor space for your animal to run and be free.

Make sure you are adequately prepared to live in a large house rental, whether you are renting a five bedroom home for your family or are renting a room in a six bedroom student house. This means obeying the house rules, remaining flexible on sharing the living space, doing your part to keep the house reasonably clean and livable, taking care of the finances that come with a large rental house and purchasing adequate renters insurance to protect your belongings.

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