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Having a clean yard can maintain your stress and your sanity levels. After all, there is nothing worse than coming home to a cluttered yard after a long day of work. The last thing you want to think about is the mammoth job of cleaning your yard and mowing the lawn on your day off. If you are short on time and on the materials, then one way to keep your lawn looking good all year long is to employ a lawn care company.

What to Expect From Lawn Maintenance

A lawn care service is actually quite affordable. You can expect to pay around $40 to have your lawn mowed. This is normally the hourly rate. If your yard is large it may take more than an hour.

If your yard is a complete disaster it may be worth your while to have landscaping crews come and clean up the yard as well. You may need to pay around $200 for a complete clean up and then $40 per month for regular maintenance in addition to any fees for maintaining your pool and hot tub. If you would prefer to spend time with your family or playing a round of golf on the weekends rather than mowing the lawn, then this is definitely worth the money.

So what can you expect from lawn care service fees? This depends on what you want. Most lawn care and landscaping companies can take an overgrown mess and turn it into a backyard oasis. Mowing and edging services are quite standard but you can also have landscapers design an outdoor area that you will be happy with. Water features, gardens, steps and patios are all common services.

What you choose to do with your backyard depends on your budget and your lifestyle. You may want to add a pond or a waterfall to your backyard to create a serene environment. Or you might want to add a stepping path to and from your front door to make it easier for guests to come over. Or, you may want to cut back all those weeds and simply keep your yard fresh and green. Whatever the case, a lawn service company can handle it.

Choosing Your Mowing Company

When you are looking into lawn care services, price matters; however, in addition to the price, you should also ensure that the company is licensed and qualified. Look for testimonials and credentials from the company. You want a team that you can trust; after all, most lawn care providers will do their services during the day while you are at work. You need to trust them to take care of your yard and be respectful on your property. Finding cigarette butts littered on the yard, finding that your dog has been let out and run away or coming home to a half mowed lawn are all things you want to avoid.

Professional lawn care services are normally advertised in the yellow pages. You should also check online to see if each company has a webpage. Most companies will provide a list of their services, their credentials, their testimonials and their prices on their website. That way you can get an accurate indication of what to expect without ringing each company individually.

Find a lawn care service company that is the right fit for your yard. You may only require a monthly or weekly mow or you may want regular maintenance and upkeep on your backyard oasis. Whatever the case, for the protection of your home and for your own peace of mind, compare lawn care service fees as well as company credentials before you let any company into your backyard.

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