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If you are concerned about the integrity of your landlord and your lease agreement then you may want to look for professional assistance. There is only so much the internet and other people can tell you and at some stage you may want to gain confirmation of your suspicions and actually move ahead with stopping your landlord or property manager from committing unlawful policies. One option you have is to speak to a real estate lawyer about it.

Real Estate Lawyer Assistance

A real estate lawyer handles all aspect of real estate agreements including lease agreements, rental conflicts and options to lower monthly rent at renewal. However, their services can be quite expensive. Many real estate lawyers will offer you a free consultation which can help in some instances. In fact, some lawyers will be able to tell you whether or not you have a case during this free consultation which means you don't have to pay if you don't have a case.

When you are booking an appointment with a real estate lawyer to discuss a problem with your property manager or lease, then do a little bit of preparation. Have a list of your main questions ready and bring along the lease agreement. That way you will not be wasting anyone's time and can get straight down to business.

If your lawyer does tell you that you have a problem and that the policies set in place are unlawful then you have enough information to get back to your landlord and demand something better. Or, you may wish to pursue it even more by getting the other tenants involved and letting them know there is a problem.

Common Unlawful Lease Policies

There are several instances where something in your lease agreement could be against the law. One of the most common tricks of property managers is to try and get landlords to pay for damages to the structure of the property which is not their job. If this is written somewhere in the lease then this is something that you should speaking to a lawyer about.

Another common trick of unlawful property managers is to try and get the tenants to pay the water or electrical bill by splitting it. If there are not separate meters for each unit, then it is against the law to make your tenants all pay an equal share. You should only be paying for what you are using if you are asked to pay electricity and water through your lease; otherwise it is against the law.

These are only two of the many different unlawful policies written into lease agreements. Many renters, especially new renters, are not aware of what is right and what is wrong and thus they will sign it no questions asked. If you are going over your lease and you do see something that seems a little off, take the time to ask around and see if this is a common statement. You don't want to end up signing something that puts you in a bad position, especially if it is against the law.

Speaking to a lawyer about unlawful policies on your lease may seem like you are taking it too far but you could be in the right and not even realize it. It is a good idea to stand up for unlawful landlords and help ensure the rental game remains a lawful business. Speaking to a real estate lawyer, even for a quick consultation, can help keep the rental industry more lawful and conflict free.

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