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When you move into a new rental facility it is only natural to wonder about who is living next to door, across the road or down the hall. After all, you are going to be sharing an area with these people and most likely running into them every once and a while. You want to be sure they are trust worthy and nice. So how can you learn about your neighbors without looking like a nosey Nelly?

The easiest way to learn about your neighbors is to talk to them. Introduce yourself by going over there and saying hello. Ask them a couple rental questions regarding pet clauses on lease contracts, or tell them a little bit about yourself. You can get a feel right away about your new neighbors when you introduce yourself. Some neighbors may be happy that you did and be friendly and nice while others may act distant and want to quickly shut the door and run away.

Introducing Yourself to Your Neighbor

Some neighbors are shy and unfriendly and this is just something that you have to deal with. You cannot pick your neighbors. Most neighbors, however, are going to be friendly and nice to a certain extent. You may find that your new neighbor turns into one of your best friends that you regularly have over for tea and lunch dates. Or you may only see your neighbor if you happen to both be walking the dog at the same time. Either way, as a good neighbor you need to be courteous and friendly.

One way to get to know your neighbor apart from their hair color and their address is to ask them over for tea or for a drink. If they have kids the same age as yours, you could suggest going to the park. If they have a dog and so do you, then you could suggest going for a walk. This will give you a little more time to get to know your neighbor.

You can ask questions about their job, their hobbies outside of work, the neighborhood such as the best places to eat and the best schools in the area. You may find that you have a lot in common and they may be able to help you find your way around town by pointing out the best fast food places, the best pubs, the best karaoke bars, the best yoga studios and so forth. Or, you may find that the conversation is strained. The most important thing is that you made the effort to learn more about your neighbors.

It is important to know your neighbors a little bit. Try to learn their names at the very least as you never know when you may need to depend on them. In the event of a natural disaster or emergency you may be closer than you think. Furthermore, having trust worthy neighbor's means you can leave town knowing that the people next door can collect your mail, check on the house and feed the plants for you.

One easy way to get to know your neighbors is to ask your landlord about them. This is only expected when you are renting a house or apartment to ask about the neighborhood. The landlord may not know much about them or he may. Either way, he is most likely going to say they are nice, friendly and trust worthy people. After all, this is a business and he is trying to make a sale. This is why it is best to avoid gossiping and make the first move to learning about your neighbors the easy way - by talking to them.

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