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Couponing is a fun and easy way to save on your weekly shopping and clothing needs, and are available even if you move to a new state. There are coupons for literally anything out there; you just need to know where to look. Learning to coupon is all about finding the best deals on your daily shopping needs and saving a small fortune each year on these items. So let's get started:

Coupons are discounts on regular priced items. Most coupons will have a bar code or a number code that needs to be punched into the register. Coupons may be for a certain percentage off, such as 20 percent or they may offer a special price, such as $2.99 (instead of the regular price of $3.99).

So where can you find coupons? There are two main ways to get coupons. The first place is in weekly catalogues and junk mail that arrives in your mail box every week. Most people will scan through these catalogues and then throw them out; however, these catalogues often contain coupons for items that you may need to buy. Coupons that often come in the mail may include discounted movie rental from the video store, discounted pizza specials from the pizza delivery store, discounted items at the toy store, the hardware store, Wal-Mart and your local grocery stores.

Grocery stores, for example, often have a page of coupons at the end. Some stores also participate in 'customer appreciation day' which will offer customers with a discount of anywhere from 5 to 20 percent on their groceries on certain days of the month, and with the coupon. If you are buying $200 worth of groceries, a 20 percetn discount can save you $40. This is a big savings, especially considering all you need to do to get it is cut out a coupon and present it at the till.

Finding Coupons Online

The other place to find coupons is online. There are several websites that collect all the coupon deals from stores across the nation and place all the deals on display on their website. Google 'weekly coupons' and you will come up with a large list of websites that will connect you to coupons from stores in your area. Browse through what is on special this week and compare to what you need to buy.

You can also find online coupons on the store's regular website. If, for example, you want to order pizza for dinner, your pizza place will have a website that includes pricing, menus, locations, contact information and online vouchers or coupons. You will most likely need to enter the promotional code when you buy online or recite the number when you order over the phone. Some sites allow you to print out the various coupons and vouchers to present in person when you visit the store.

If you do this every time you need a new pair of shoes, every time you go shopping, every time the kids outgrow their pants, then you will most likely never pay full price on an item again. You just need to shop smart by comparing coupons before you buy. Even saving $1 here, 20 percent there and $15 off here will add up in the end.

One of the other main benefits to couponing is that it is actually quite fun and addictive. After learning to coupon, it is hard to buy anything at full price. It is so easy to do a quick online search to see if there are any specials and coupons out there for an item that you need before you hit the shops that you will wonder why you haven't been couponing forever!

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