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When living in a furnished unit you can definitely expect a lighter load when moving out. Instead of packing up the desks, the beds, the couches, the tables and the entertainment units, you will leave these items there. You will most likely only have several boxes of your personal possessions rather than a truck load of furniture.

However, the cleaning aspect of moving out of a rental house remains the same. Just because there is furniture on the floor doesn't mean you can do a second rate job. In fact, you will not only need to clean the house but also the furniture in place. Take the time to clean every single piece of furniture and ensure that you are leaving your rental home as good, if not better, than when you first arrived.

Most furnished houses will include a bed and a dressing table in each bedroom as well as a kitchen or dining room table, couches, a coffee table and an entertainment system. There may be other pieces of furniture in the house as well.

Even though there is furniture in the house doesn't mean you can just vacuum around it and call it a day. It is important that you get under the bed, around the table and behind the entertainment system. This means you may need to move these items out of place and then put them back. However, make sure you do not scratch the floors or damage the furniture when you are moving these items. Ask a friend or partner to help you lift these heavy items so you do not hurt yourself.

Furnished Home Cleaning Checklist

It is a good idea to start in one room, clean it to perfection, then move onto the next. Or, you may wish to clean by each job. For example, you may wish to do the dusting first, then all the windows, then all the walls and so forth. There is no right or wrong way to clean as long as you have hit every single corner, especially if you've held parties for children or adults.

What are the things you need to clean? First of all, you need to wipe down all the furniture. If you have had any spills on the sofa or the area rug, then get them professionally cleaned. This may cost a little bit of money but it will be much cheaper than leaving it and having your landlord take the money from your damage deposit to hire his own professional cleaner. You can hire a steam cleaner for the day for as low as $25 and do all the curtains, the carpets and the couches in a few hours.

Make sure you have cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen as well. This includes the shower, the toilet, the sinks but it also includes the fridge, the pantry, all the cupboards and the oven which is often forgotten. Dust and polish all the furniture in the house including the entertainment system, the table and chairs and the coffee table. Make sure you use the right cleaning products for the materials used. For example, you may wish to purchase a leather cleaning solution for leather couches and a wood polish for timber chairs.

Finally, when cleaning a furnished house while moving out you also need to think about the big items such as the floors, the walls and the windows. This may be the last things you want to do. Take a wet cloth and wipe down all the walls followed by a good clean of every window. Then do one final sweep and mop of the floor and let yourself out.

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