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When you are renting a house or apartment, it is pretty standard for every house mate or even an oversees roommate to have his own key. What this means is that if three of you sign a lease, your landlord will be required to give three of you a key. However, there are some instances where this is not the case and there are several times when one of your roommates will have lost his key.

You may find that you are leaving the door open for your roommate on many different occasions. Perhaps you have just got a new roommate and you haven't had a new key made up yet. Perhaps you have moved in with your boyfriend and the place only comes with one key. Perhaps you are letting your brother crash on your couch for the summer and don't see the point in making another key for this short period of time.

In some instances this can make you feel uncomfortable. If, for example, your roommate is coming home late at night, you may wish to have the door locked before you go to bed. Or, you may not feel comfortable leaving the door unlocked while you go to work and before your roommate gets home from his job.

Some people don't lock their doors. They feel safe enough to leave it unlocked and hope for the best. If you fall into this category then you may not have a problem leaving the door unlocked for your roommate.

Other people, on the other hand, don't like the idea of giving intruders and strangers a free pass into your home. After all, anyone can open the door and easily walk around your home. They may steal items they like without you even waking up or noticing they are there. This is a creepy thing to think about, let alone deal with.

Concerns With Open Door House

There is also the safety issue to think about when leaving a door open for a roommate. You are basically inviting thefts to come into your home. And, unfortunately, most insurance providers will not cover loss of damage due to theft if the door was left unlocked. If the entry was not forced, then your insurance provider may not be able to help you out.

Make sure you review your renter's insurance policy to see the terms and conditions on leaving a door unlocked and facing a theft. Or, better off, keep your doors and windows locked at night and during the day to prevent this situation from every happening in the first place. This will make it easier to sleep at night, even if you do live in the world's safest neighborhood.

If you live in a small apartment complex then you may feel pretty comfortable leaving the door wide open. Your roommate may have a main key or the code to get into the building but then you only share the same key to get in and out of the house. Again, this is not the safest thing to do as, even though only residents are supposed to come into the complex, you never know when a stranger may try to get in and see what doors are open.

Talk to your roommate about getting a spare key made up. Most locksmiths are will able to do this in a matter of minutes or hours. What this means is that you can easily fix this problem by the end of the day and stop leaving the door open for your roommate and start actually locking your door from now on.

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