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For many households, turning the air conditioner on during the summer months comes as second nature. As soon as you wake up and at the first sign of a hot day you may reach for that remote. In some households the air conditioner will remain on all day, wasting energy and costing you as much as a dollar an hour (per air conditioner)! Leaving the windows open on warm days can actually provide you with a similar cool feeling and help keep your energy costs down, and giving you a chance to wave at your new neighbors and introduce yourself to them.

Your windows are meant to protect you from many things. Wind and storm damage from coming through, intruders and unwanted noise can all be blocked from your windows. Even cold air in the winter and UV rays in the summer can be blocked out with the right window glass. However, cool air and warm breezes during the summer months are most certainly welcome. In order to make the most out of your windows and let the cool air come through, you need to keep them open.

Energy Savings with Windows

This week, instead of hitting the power button on your air conditioner, open the windows as soon as you wake up. Go around the house and open up all the windows as well as any doors that have screens in them. Unlike when you use your air conditioner, it is important that you keep all windows and doors open in your house. That way you are able to get the cool breeze in every room.

If you have fans in your house you can also use a ceiling fan to help circulate the breezes. Fans do waste power but not nearly as much as air conditioners do. The combination of the wind from outside and the fans can be enough to keep your family cool, especially during the evenings and the mornings before the sun has really hit.

Air Conditioning Vs Windows

If you do need to switch the air conditioner on during those roasting hot afternoons, then make sure you shut all the windows and doors in the house before turning it on. Only use one air conditioner at once, in the room that you are in, and shut the doors to keep the cool air contained in the one room you are in. That way your air conditioner does not have to work as hard and your energy bills will not be so high.

The best thing about leaving the windows open instead of relying on air conditioners is the money you will save. You may notice that your power bills during the summer months are quite high. This is because air conditioners are extreme energy guzzlers. You can reduce your energy output by as much as 60 percent by turning the air conditioners off and relying on your windows. This equates to hundreds of dollars in some households.

Leaving the windows open on warm days is not only good for your savings but also for the environment. The less power you waste, the better for Mother Nature. We all want to cut down on our carbon footprint and make our home for sustainable for the future.

This summer, instead of cranking your air conditioner you may be surprised at how big of a difference your windows will make. Leaving the windows open on warm days allows the cool air and the breezes to come through without having to waste energy with your air conditioner. Take the time to see the difference by relying on your windows, not your air conditioning.

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