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When your in laws live a far ways away from you, then it only makes sense for them to extend their visit for a little longer than normal. If your in laws lived only a few hours away then they may come for a weekend visit and stay a few days, at the most, several times a year. However, if your in laws live overseas or if they need to take a plane ride with children to get to you, then they may only make the trip once a year or even less. And, when they do come, they may want to move in with you for the time being.

In other instances, your in laws may be getting a little on in years and require some extra assistance with day to day activities. Again, the right thing to do is to offer for them to move in with you, if this is feasible and if you have the space. Living with your in laws is not really ideal for anyone, whether you get along with them or whether you don't. However, this is the right thing to do and all part of sacrifice that comes with a healthy marriage. Get through this transition as best as possible and with minimal confrontation and arguments with these following tips on letting your in laws move in.

Living With In Laws

Whether your in laws are staying with you for a few months of the year or whether they are moving in indefinitely, it is important that they have their own space. If you do not have the space, then this can cause a problem. You cannot expect them to sleep on the sofa bed in the living room for several months of the year.

Make sure you have a spare room or a spare space for them to live. It is ideal if you have a basement so they can have their own living space where they can watch television and even cook meals but this is often not the case for many households. Some homes will come with a granny flat designed for people to stay that is fully self contained but attached to the house. At the very least, make sure they have their own bedroom.

Keep in mind that it is your house and you still get the set the rules, even if it is different than what your in laws are used to. For example, if your home is a no smoking household, then make sure you don't let your father in law smoke in his room as this can cause a problem and is not ideal for children. If you have dinner at every day at 6:00pm, then you don't have to change the time to 5:00pm just to suit your in laws. They can adapt.

If there is ever a problem with how the household is running, then talk to them about it. Don't let the issue fester inside you as this can make it harder to deal with and make you even more resentful. Talk to your spouse about the problem and bring it up together.

When letting your in laws move in, you and your spouse need to be on the same team which can be hard, especially if there are big issues. As long as you all work together and make do with the situation, then you can get through this and even start enjoying the pluses of having your in laws living there. Having the extra company can actually be enjoyable if you let it and of course, there is always the free babysitting that comes with having your in laws thisclose to you.

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