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What is the obsession with children and the street? It seems like they know this is a dangerous place to play and are drawn to it by some cosmic force. If your neighborhood is really safe and you do not live on a busy street, is it okay to let the kids ride their bike, play hide and seek or play street hockey on the streets? This all comes down to you. After all, you are the parent and you know what's best.

The dangerous thing about playing on the street is traffic. Even if all the people who live on your block are caution drivers, you never know who could be coming up the road and turn onto your street just as your child is chasing a ball across the street. This is especially true on a busy street where more than just the people that reside there are driving by.

Children getting run over by vehicles are a very serious threat and can result in a tragic loss for your family. This is something that all parents are afraid of, especially in younger children that do not know any better. There are several ways to avoid having an accident happen without restricting your children to indoors all the time.

Street Play Made Safe

First of all, make sure the backyard is safe and that younger children are not able to access the front yard and the street. Try to keep them occupied in the back yard if possible by setting up a play area instead of having a place for campfires. You can get toys for kids of all ages to keep them happily entertained in the backyard, from soccer nets to basketball nets to slides and sand pits. Make sure you are always able to see your kids when playing outside, even in the fully contained backyard.

Second of all, teach your kids about the dangers of playing on the street. As soon as kids can talk they can understand and thus you can explain to them why crossing the street without Mommy or Daddy is not allowed. Teach them to walk on the sidewalk or on the grass and make sure your kids know never to ever go out on the street without permission or without an adult.

If your children are older and your street is safe, then you may find that they do want to play on the street. This is especially the case if there are other kids on the street. Riding bikes, playing with skateboards and playing hockey is so much more fun on the street than in the backyard or in the driveway. However, they still need to know the rules.

If, for example, they have set up a street hockey game, they need to have a system in place where they move the nets as soon as a car pulls up. The game must stop when traffic approaches and this will normally only work on cul de sacs and streets where the traffic is very light. This is also true for any other activity on the street, from racing go carts to riding bikes. Traffic comes first.

When you are looking into a rental property you need to think about the safety of the street, especially if you have children. Having a house that is not fenced and there is easy access to the street can be very dangerous if you have toddlers and younger children. Make sure you keep these things in mind when choosing a rental property and letting your kids play on the street.

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