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Looking for a way to cut down on your electrical bills this year? Then look to your dryer. Your dryer is one of the biggest cost killers in your home because of the amount of energy it consumes. If you are using your dryer on a regular basis and say, putting five loads of laundry in the dryer every week then this is going to add up to a lot of money and a lot of wasted power in the long run. The thing about dryers is that, while they may seem necessary they actually are not. You can just as effectively dry your clothes with line drying.

Like reducing the paper you use, line drying your clothes is simple. What this means is that instead of using a dryer to dry your clothes after they have gone through the wash, rinse, spin cycle, that you hang them up to dry. You can do so inside or outside depending on the weather and your living situation. If you have a house then you might look into setting up a line outside so you can dry your clothes, towels and linen in the sun. It can take hardly any time at all to do this and you will have fresh clothes that also have that lovely and natural sun smell to them as well.

Energy Efficient Laundry Tips

You can set up a line outside in a number of ways. One option is to purchase a portable line system that can be moved around the house. This is a good option as you can put it outside on the laundry days where it is sunny out and leave it inside your home on the days when the rain, snow or hail has come out to play. Furthermore, during those extra frosty winters you might be better off leaving your clothes inside to dry rather than giving them frost bite in the snow.

There is no right or wrong way to line-dry your clothes. It is a good idea to hang each item separately so that they get the best chance to dry out. If you are a little tight for space, you can hang your clothes all around the house, draping towels over the shower curtains or hanging up your wet clothes on hangers and leaving them hang on the curtain rails.

There are several ways to get your clothes dry even if you do not have a traditional line drying system. However, you can also go out and buy a fold up one for small apartment spaces that can cost less than $20. These can be stored under the bed or beside your washing machine and only brought out when you do your laundry. On nice days, consider placing the system on your balcony or court yard, if you have them.

Even if you need to use your dryer for every load, try to line dry your clothes as much as possible. Once most of the moisture is out of the clothing and items, stick them in the dryer for less than 30 minutes. This will get rid of the extra moisture and leave them soft and cuddly without wasting too much energy.

Every little bit counts and thus the less energy you consume, the better this world is going to be. Even a small contribution like reducing your reliance on dryers and line drying your laundry at home can make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. Take the time to set up a line inside and outside your home and see the difference it will make to your power bills.

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