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Every rental property is different; however, one thing many have in common is the choice of color for the walls. And, unfortunately, white seems to be the color du jour. White walls come with a lot of pros, especially from the landlord’s point of view. It is a very neutral color which means the rooms can match any color scheme or décor. A white walled room can be a little boy’s room, a teenage girl’s room, an office, a home gym or anything else.

However, from a renter’s point of view, a white wall can also equate to a bland room. There is nothing more dull than white. If you have just moved into a home, apartment or any other rental property with the dreaded white walled rooms, then there are a few ways to liven up the space without reaching for that paint brush.

Get Creative with your Décor

There are several ways to liven up a white wall without painting. Photos frames, mirrors, decorative art and wall clocks can all brighten up your room. Photo frames and colleges look great in bedrooms while you might want to look for decorative art for the living areas. Also consider maintaining fish aquariums if you have the space. Have fun when making your photos frames and colleges. You can place them on different angles to create an edgy look. Mirrors can also enhance the space and brighten up any white wall, especially in a room that is short on space.

Consider what themes will match your individual needs. Are you an avid traveler? Blow up and frame some photos that you have taken on your many trips across the world. Are you an animal lover? Look for leopard inspired prints or peacock feathers to place in a hanging vase. Do you love nature? Blow up photos of the outside world, such as a beautiful waterfall or a lovely beach scene. You will be surprised how much difference one photograph can make.

Choosing your Color Scheme

Another thing you need to do when livening up a white wall room is choose a color scheme. Consider the furniture you will be using. If you are livening up a living room, for example, and your couches are chocolate brown with red pillows, then you might want to steer clear of any pinks, oranges or purples which can clash and make the room too noisy. Wooden frames will match your wooden furniture while you might want to consider colored frames to match white furniture or children’s rooms. For example, using pink frames to frame pictures of princesses can make your little girl’s room sparkle while blue frames holding Thomas and his Friends, will make you the coolest parent around in the eyes of your little boy.

In addition to placing things on the walls, you can also liven up any room by accessorizing. Consider an area rug, house plants, vases of flowers, centerpieces for the tables and a lamp for the dark corner. All of these things can enhance the entire look of the room. Choose a color or a theme and stick to it as much as possible. Furthermore, avoid placing too many items in one room or your home may end up looking cluttered.

If you have been given the ‘no go’ on painting the walls in your rental property, then it’s time to get creative. Use this limitation to your advantage and consider all the other options apart from the standard paint. White walls offer an excellent back drop to just about any color or theme. So consider your individual style and décor and have some fun.

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