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Can’t stand the sound of ‘thump thump thump?’ Chances are you are living below a heavy walker. You cannot choose your neighbors which becomes all too clear if you have the misfortune of living below a heavy walker or noisy neighbor. Many apartment complexes have very thin walls, ceilings and roofs which means you may be able to hear more than you want to when it comes to the people above you. So how do you deal with this problem and potential headache without moving to a new one room apartment? There are several ways to live below a heavy walker and live to tell about it.

Speaking to your Neighbor

The first thing you need to do when it comes to handling this sticky situation is to communicate. This means getting up the nerve to speak to your neighbor above you about the noise situation. Chances are he will have someone living above him as well and thus hopefully can relate. Perhaps you can suggest he take off his shoes inside the house or purchase a pair of soft soled slippers. Often it is the heavy soles of shoes that make that clank clank clank sound that will drive anyone to the brink of insanity and back.

When you are speaking with your heavy walking neighbor, keep the conversation light. Do not get angry and avoid a rude or condescending tone of voice. If you haven’t met this neighbor before, be sure to make the proper introductions and perhaps invite him down for a drink before you start lecturing him about his heavy walking. No one wants to start the conversation off by being belittled or embarrassed because of their heavy step.

Your neighbor is most likely not aware that his walking (or doing other activities) is making so much noise. But once he is aware of it, he will most likely do as much as he can to stop making so much noise. After all, once you are aware that others can hear you, you will make an effort to keep the noise to a minimum. This means he may avoid running, stomping or exercising in his home and he may do the vacuuming, mopping and other loud activities during the middle of the day when most people are either awake or at work.

Heavy Walker Help

You can also speak to your landlord about the problem. Ask him to come over and hear the noise himself so he understands what you are going through. He may be able to talk to the heavy walker on your behalf and beef up the sound barrier in between the apartments by installing carpeting or an area rug.

In most instances, the problem of noise is not due to your neighbor but due to the structure and age of the complex. In older buildings, for example, the sounds tend to echo a lot more than in newer structures. Furthermore, bare hardwood floors will make a lot more noise than carpeting or other padded structures. If your landlord is made aware of the problem them he can take the necessary measures to correct this.

Another thing to remember when it comes to living below a heavy walker is that the thump thump thump of heavy walking is a sound that is all too familiar in complexes, especially smaller buildings. Just like you need to get used to the honks of city traffic and the hollers of the city nightlife, you will eventually get used to the sounds and steps of your upstairs neighbors.

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