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Living close to the action of a big city comes with a number of pluses and a number of minuses. If you do like your night life and you do enjoy being close to the action 24/7, keep that in mind when choosing your next neighborhood because you will love living in the heart of the city close to the entertainment world. If, however, you prefer your quiet nights and privacy, then you may find that living close to entertainment is just a little too confronting for your lifestyle.

City Living and Lifestyle

One of the big pluses to living close to entertainment is that you don't have to do much planning to get there. You can simply take a bus, take your bike or walk into the venue and do whatever you want. You can take in live bands, go out for a bite to eat, watch a concert and drink as much as you want without having to worry about finding your way home. For those that do enjoy drinking, having a bed that is within walking distance from the bar is definitely handy.

Furthermore, when living close to the entertainment it is also quite hard to get bored. If nothing is on television you can simply go outside and take a walk on the crowded streets. Grab some food; hit a club or simply take in the sights and people all around you. This is another big plus to living in the heart of the city.

Too Close for Comfort

However, keep in mind that when living close to entertainment, the music goes on and on and on, even when you have finished partying. Just because you are tired and want an early night doesn't mean the entertainment will stop. Many venues are open every night of the week which means music, screaming, dancing and yelling every single night of the week. After a couple weeks of this lifestyle and lack of sleep it may all become like a bad dream that you cannot escape.

This can be too much to handle, especially if you have a big day tomorrow, if you are trying to study or concentrate or if you have children. You may find that you need earplugs or music to go to sleep at night or you may find that you are going out all the time just because the temptation is literally just outside your door step. If you are looking for a quieter lifestyle or have a family, then it might be a better idea to relocate to the suburbs.

When you are living close to the city you may be able to save money on taxi cabs and trains in and out of the city anytime you want to meet a friend for a drink or take in a show. However, you will also most likely be spending more money on going out because it is so close and easily accessible. If you are on a tight budget then eliminating the temptation to go out often means moving away from the entertainment in the first place.

If you have the opportunity to move into the heart of the city and right close to the action then you need to think about the short and long term pros and cons of this move. It might sound great to be this close to entertainment all the time but what happens when exhaustion and financial distress kicks in? Will it still be just as fun? Think about your personal lifestyle and personality when deciding whether to make the move and living close to entertainment.

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