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You’ve found the perfect rental apartment or house; however, there is one thing that you are a little weary about – the landlord is also your neighbor. Living next door to your landlord should not be a deal breaker. Use this living situation to your advantage by being a courteous neighbor as well as a responsible tenant at the same time.

Benefits to Living Close to a Landlord

Like living with your girlfriend, there are a number of pros that comes with living next door to your landlord. If you are ever faced with an emergency, then your landlord is literally only a few steps away. This can be a huge life saver if you a water pipe bursts in the middle of the night, if your roof is seriously damaged in a storm or if you happen to lock yourself out of the house.

Another good thing about living thisclose to your landlord is that you only have to walk across the hall or the street to drop off the monthly rental check. Furthermore, if you have any concerns about the payments or other issues, you can easily discuss these problems over a bottle of wine or a glass of beer. And, best of all, you don’t have to drive home afterwards.

Living next door to your landlord also allows you to maintain a friendlier relationship with him. You will most likely see him on a regular basis, whether it is at the local store or walking your dog at nights. If you both have children then you may find that your kids play together in the street in on your yard. A friendlier relationship with your landlord makes for better references in the future, as long as you remain a good tenant inside and outside of the home.

Landlord Living Next Door Concerns

Of course, there are always two sides to every situation and many renters are quite worried about living next door to a landlord, especially if they are less-than-perfect tenants. You will not be able to get away with breaking any rules such as having a pet in a no-pet home. In fact, any inappropriate behavior, from smoking in a non smoking house to constantly having people staying the night can pose a problem for your landlord.

One of the biggest concerns with living next door to a landlord is the noise factor. If you throw a party then it will not only be your neighbors that complain of the noise; it will also be your landlord. This means you could risk eviction more frequently. Loud noises, from loud music to house parties can mean a knock on your door from your landlord and a possible warning for eviction.

Even common neighborly complaints such as letting your grass grow too long or allowing your pet to soil the neighbor’s can be made much worse if your neighbor happens to be your landlord. It is important to always be a courteous and respectful neighbor at all times, especially if your neighbor is the one controlling your rent.

If you are living in an apartment complex then there is a good chance that your landlord will live somewhere in the building. Even if it is not next door, the close vicinity of your landlord means that you need to be on your best behavior at all times. Take the initiative to be a good neighbor when you live next door to your landlord, and be a responsible tenant all at the same time by obeying the rules as listed in your lease agreement and following commonly practiced neighborhood etiquette.

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