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Moving can get expensive, especially if you are moving overseas or a long distance. Transporting items such as furniture, cars and belongings requires a large truck, ship or airplane. In most instances, unless your company is paying for it, the mover will be responsible for the costs. This is why it is so important to compare your options and prices when looking at moving companies in your area.

Choosing your Movers

In general, there are three different moving company options. You can choose to hire out just the van or truck and haul the goods yourself and ask for help from a few outside loitering neighbors. This is often referred to an a self-move service. You will be responsible for packing up and supplying all the boxes, for moving the items from your house to the van to the new house and for driving the truck to your new home. You can choose a self-move service for local, state or interstate moves as many companies have depots across the nation. This is your most affordable option, in most instances, as you are doing almost all of the work.

Another option is to hire a moving company to move your items for you and drive the truck. In this instance, you are responsible for packing up the items but the movers will come in, move your furniture and boxes and drive to your new home. You will either drive your own car there or take a plane and put your vehicles on a large truck. The movers will do all the heavy lifting and driving but you will still be responsible for packing up your goods.

A final option is a mover and removal company which will not only provide you with moving services, as mentioned above, but will also supply boxes and help you pack up certain items as well. This is usually the most expensive way to move but it is also the least stress on the mover as you are only responsible for organizing. Mover and removal companies will even get rid of the items you do not want or need when you are moving, including leftover furniture, clothing and belongings.

Getting the Best Moving Quotes

Whatever option you choose, it is important to get a number of quotes from different companies. You need to be aware of what you need. Make sure you have the area code and street address of your new and old homes so that you will be able to get an accurate estimate. They will most likely need to know how much stuff you have and any hard-to-move items. Your quote will depend on how hard the job is, how many people will be needed and how long the distance of travel is.

Some companies specialize in shorter distance moves while others specialize in longer moves. Some offer cheaper quotes for those that have a ton of stuff while others are more expensive if you have more stuff. It all depends on the dynamics of the company which is why you should spend some time contacting at least five moving companies in your area and getting accurate quotes on their costs.

Making the phone calls will only take a few minutes of your time but can end up saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the long run. However, locating an affordable moving company is only half the battle. When you are comparing the prices of each company, also compare their credentials and customer service. You want to choose a company that can get the job done right. After all, this is your stuff we are talking about.

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