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Coming home to a street where people are constantly coming and going and hanging out outside, is not something that anyone wants. You pride yourself in keeping your street safe and clean and having a group of loitering teenagers outside your home on a regular basis can frustrate even the calmest of people. If you are dealing with loitering neighbors, people that hang out outside the house or along the street for no apparent reason, then you do have the right to complain, especially if you feel that your safety and security are threatened.

In most instances, loitering is not a crime. Sitting on the curb smoking cigarettes, listening to music or cracking jokes may look shady to the passerbyers but, in most instances, the kids are harmless and just looking for a place to hang out and share organic clothing tips. Unfortunately, they have chosen the outside of your home.

In most instances, the loitering neighbors will be teenagers or friends of your neighbors. What this means is that they do have a right to be there. The problems occur if they start loitering on your property, which can sometimes happen if the crowd gets too big. It can also be a problem if you feel that your safety is threatened or if you do not feel comfortable coming home or spending time on your property because of the loiterers.

Stopping Loiterers in Their Tracks

The best way to handle the situation is to speak to the loiterers about your concerns. Be bold and go up to the resident that lives there and let them know politely that you would prefer if they found another place to hang out. Don't get discouraged if this does nothing. The point is, you have taken the mature road and spoken like an adult to them fist.

Next step, talk to the parents about the problem. They will most likely be a lot more understanding and can yell at their kids without there being an issue. If this doesn't work, which often times it won't, then you don't have to give up just yet.

If you are living in an apartment complex and notice teenagers constantly outside the lobby, then you can also speak to the building manager or landlord about the issue. If he is also renting to the loitering neighbors, he will be able to persuade them to stop loitering, or get out. There is a good chance that their loitering is frustrating other people in the building or on the street as well.

If the neighbors are just sitting on the curb talking, then there is really nothing that the police can do; however, if they are disturbing the peace in any way (underage drinking, loud music late at night, swearing), then you have the right to complain. You can contact the police if you have tried all other options and nothing has helped. This will straighten the loiterers out but you can also expect them to be pretty angry at their neighbor that dobbed them in.

Despite all your efforts, if the loitering neighbors don't stop, then you can take consolidation in the fact that, eventually, they will probably move out. After all, most loitering neighbors eventually need to find work and a place of their own. If you cannot wait until then, there is always the option to find a new place to call home as well. However, take matters into your own hands first by speaking to the loiterers, speaking to their parents, speaking to the landlord or property manager, and, if all else fails, contacting the police.

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