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Longmont renters insurance is for landlords too. This is because landlords put a lot of time and effort into their rental properties. They've bought them, maintained them, had to deal with some rather unsavory renters, and have even had to clean up major messes. However, the occupation is a rewarding one and it is important that a landlord is able to protect their investment.

When you are renting out a home, you want to make sure that you insure it because it is your livelihood. If you were to lose it, you would lose a lot of money because a single rental house or apartment can yield thousands of dollars per year.

If you own a condominium, then you are netting even more money and you don't want to lose the condo and permanently lose that income. That's what renters insurance in Longmont, Co. protects you against. It protects you against the financial consequences of losing the building. And if you do lose it, you are compensated so that you can purchase another one and continue your rental business.


There are many weather-related incidents that occur in Colorado and in the Longmont area. Many of the storm systems that drop tornados in the Eastern Plains and into Tornado Alley pass through this area. Longmont is a populated city, but the potential for a tornado in the vicinity is still a possibility, especially outside of the city limits.

But even if a tornado touches down outside of city limits, you must make sure you have Colorado renters insurance on all of your Longmont, CO property because a strong system can bring strong winds, hail, and severe lightning. A person can be laying in their loft and the roof blow off of the structure.

But whether you rent a townhouse or another type of home, you need make sure that you are protected. As for what is protected, it is your responsibility as the landlord to protect the home with Longmont renters insurance. You are not responsible for everything that is in it. It is the responsibility of the tenant to take out some kind of Longmont renters insurance to cover their property within it. If they don't cover it and something occurs, then they are financially responsible for replacing all of the belongings that took them years to acquire. This can be very daunting and miserable because material things are worked hard for, so they are earned.

If there are several individuals, such as a student and some friends, living within the property as roommates, they must all get their own Longmont renters insurance to cover the property within the Colorado residence. One person cannot cover another. If they did try to claim someone else's belongings as their own, then they would have to increase the coverage limits of their policy. This would result in an increase in the premium. No one wants to pay for more than they have to. And no one wants to have to wonder how they are going to replace their belongings after a bad weather event. Longmont renters insurance can keep them from wondering.

Your Tenants

One thing that you can do is convince your tenants to take out a Longmont renters insurance policy to protect the contents of the home. If you wish, you can make insurance a requirement before a person can rent the property so that they are protected. Of course you will not benefit from them having their property insured, but it's for their own good, so encourage them to check out a free renters insurance quote.

There are some landlords that require individuals within their rental properties to protect themselves with renters insurance. Senior citizen housing is the perfect example of this. In some high rises and other facilities around the country, landlords require them to acquire renters insurance before they can rent.

Plus, you should discuss with your tenants what their responsibilities are and what yours are. Because Longmont renters insurance includes liability, you must establish in the lease whether or not the tenant is responsible for accidents that occur outside of the Longmont property. Tenants are mainly responsible for what occurs inside the walls of the property. If an accident occurs, the liability section of their Longmont renters insurance covers the medical costs if there are any.

So when you are renting out property to a family or a single individual, make sure you are protected by Longmont renters insurance and you can make sure your Longmont renters have insurance as well. If you require it, that means that everyone involved with the property is protected in some way, which can make you feel good about the relationship and shows that you have a tenant that takes things seriously rather than move on just so they can save some pocket change on the premium.