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Louisiana cleaning services offer expertise on a wide range of household chores. If spending the weekend doing housework doesn't sound like much of a weekend, consider hiring a Louisiana cleaning service to take care of it for you. From regular weekly cleanings to one-time deep cleans and special projects, Louisiana cleaning services make your home more livable and give you more time to really live.

Get ready for a New Orleans, LA, Mardi Gras party with a one-time blitz, or have a company take care of the aftermath from weekly Louisiana State University football parties in Baton Rouge, LA. Gulf coast beach houses in Grand Isle, LA, can be ready for vacationers with seasonal cleanings. Whatever your cleaning needs, Louisiana cleaning services can devise a schedule to keep your home or office tidy and sanitary. Services range from basic housework to specialized projects.

Services Offered

A typical housework regimen includes sweeping, mopping, dusting, vacuuming, wiping counters, scrubbing bathrooms and emptying wastebaskets and trash cans. More specialized jobs can be arranged, like polishing silver and wood, waxing floors, doing dishes and changing bed linens. Time-consuming jobs like washing windows, pressure-washing the driveway and carpet cleaning are sometimes available for additional fees.

For big jobs, you may have to provide the equipment. Pressure washers, floor buffers and carpet cleaners are not standard equipment for all Louisiana cleaning services. Ask what supplies, including cleaning solutions, you need to provide when booking a special job.

Louisiana cleaning services will tidy the clutter around a house, but houses with excessive messes lying around may face extra fees. Children's rooms, for instance, can be organized by a professional, and you can even pay cleaners to arrange a garage, basement or any space that needs organization. These services cost extra, but they can be done only once or occasionally.

Families with pets may have to pay a pet fee. Professional cleaners will likely have more spot-cleaning to do, as well as deodorizing to properly clean the home. If you have a pet, make sure it is kept somewhere that it cannot escape or bother the cleaning service when they come in to clean.

The Louisiana climate is hot and humid most months of the year. These conditions foster mildew and mold growth that can damage furniture, mattresses, clothes and virtually everything in the house. Look for Louisiana cleaning services that are equipped to handle mold and mildew to prevent out of control growth.

Professional Cleaning Costs

Most services will give prospective clients an in-home estimate. The cost of Louisiana cleaning services varies based on the size of the house, the amount of service required, how often they clean, presence of pets and special services required. Each company may have its own dimensions to determine pricing.

Firms and agencies that dispatch teams of maids may send anywhere from two to five professionals for each job. Make sure at least two are present to protect yourself and the workers. More than three is inefficient for a small or mid-sized house.

Individuals also offer services as independent contractors. These can be just as reliable and much less expensive than a Louisiana firm. Be sure to get referrals and check that the person is Louisiana licensed and insured before hiring someone independent. As with agencies, make sure at least two workers will be present.

Some Louisiana companies charge by the hour, while others have a set rate for weekly, bi-weekly and monthly cleanings. If your house needs minimal work done, hourly rates may be the less expensive option. For homes with many rooms, children or pets, a set rate may be guaranteed, but check the contract to see if there are extra fees for jobs that take longer than the standard allotted time.

Adding special jobs to a standard service schedule when they are needed is great around the holidays and for people who entertain. Most people do not need weekly silver polishings, but they can notify the company in advance that this service is needed. The company will then add that fee onto the bill.

The etiquette for tipping Louisiana cleaning services is not set in stone. If the same people come each week or month, it is proper to tip one week's pay at Christmas. When a maid service sends different people each time, it can be tricky to know whom to tip. Ask the supervisor what the common practice is in this situation.

If you need something out of the ordinary done that the company does not list as a special service, it is appropriate to leave a small token of appreciation. You might leave a note on the counter at your house or off campus apartment that says, "Please wipe out the refrigerator today" with a few dollars attached. A little gratitude goes a long way in having Louisiana cleaning services go above and beyond the expected service.

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