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Louisville cleaning services can be a lifesaver if you're anxious about meeting a tight relocation deadline. Unfortunately, most Kentucky renters can't place their whole lives on hold so that they can move to a new apartment, house or condominium in Louisville. Although you'd love to have time to pack, label all of your belongings, make arrangements for your new home and get your old apartment thoroughly clean, the reality is that with your job and other commitments, you probably won't have time to do everything.

Fortunately, Louisville cleaning services know that it's not possible for most tenants to deep clean an apartment before they move out. That's why professional cleaning companies offer special move out services to help KY renters get their rental homes as fresh and fragrant as possible for the summer pool parties. When you use the services of a reliable Louisville cleaning crew, you may increase your chances of getting a refund on your security deposit. Take a few minutes out of your busy relocation schedule to compare quotes from several of the leading services in Derby City.

Cleaning Service Prices

Whether you hire Louisville cleaning services to deep clean your former apartment or to prepare your new rental unit for your arrival in Kentucky, you'll need to know how local companies set their prices. While each company will vary in its pricing structures, there will be similarities in their costs and services that you can use as a basis for comparison. Regardless of the cleaning package you choose, look for a bonded, insured team with a strong reputation for professionalism and a satisfied Louisville clientele.

The cost of hiring Louisville cleaning services will typically be based on the square footage of your KY home or the number of rooms in your house or apartment. The location of your Louisville rental unit may also play a part in the cost of services. You may be charged extra if you have multiple pets or if you require special services, like odor removal, scrubbing kitchen appliances, washing interior windows, wiping baseboards or cleaning a fireplace.

Moving into or out of a Kentucky rental house, town home or condo usually requires more extensive work than usual. If you've lived in a KY apartment for years, you'll inevitably have left behind stains, odors and debris. Restoring your apartment to its original or near original condition will require some labor, which may increase the cost of Louisville cleaning services. Ask the companies you query whether they offer a discount to Louisville renters who are relocating. While some crews offer discounted packages, others tailor all quotes individually.

If you need to have carpets, drapes or upholstery cleaned, these costs may need to be calculated separately. Many Louisville cleaning services do not deep clean carpets or other fabric items, although they do vacuum rugs and drapes. Your Louisville cleaner should be able to refer you to a professional fabric treatment expert who can give these items the specialized care they need to remove odors, stains or pet hair.

Exterior Property Cleaning

Tenants who have lived in a rented house may have to remove debris from the front or back yard before they move out. Clearing out a property's exterior is not a job that many Louisville cleaning services perform. However, there are some companies that will perform chores like raking leaves, hauling away trash or removing debris on residential properties at an extra cost. Request estimates from more than one company to find a team that can get the job done at a reasonable rate.

When you discuss this job with a professional service, make sure you're aware of the tasks that the company will perform. Some companies may handle recycling and trash, while others will not. Some specialist crews may even include tasks like clearing out gutters, wiping down exterior windows or mowing the yard. With many companies, however, you may be required to take on some of these chores yourself. Disposing of materials like tree branches, glass or cardboard may require a visit to the local dump or recycling center.

The garage and storage shed are two additional areas that you'll need to confront before you move. If you've stored a lot of personal items in these facilities, try to start this project as early as possible in your move. Hold a garage sale to sell any tools, clothes, books or other belongings that you've been storing and don't want to keep.

You can also donate items you no longer want to charitable organizations or to friends or family members. Louisville cleaning services make the process of moving out of your old home and into your new life easier and more enjoyable. Instead of stressing over last minute chores, you can devote your attention to the details of relocating. Louisville cleaning services offer the assistance you need to complete your move on schedule.

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