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Your phone bill can take a large chunk out of your earnings each month, especially when you are sprung with unexpected fees and penalties. Every month when you receive your bill you should always check through the calls and make a note out of what you are paying. If you are unhappy with how much you are spending per month, then you may be better off switching to a different plan or provider. You can easily lower your phone bill by speaking to a representative and understanding your options.

Like building a tree house, the best way to lower your phone bill is to do some research ahead of time. Think about what you use your phone for. Are you making a lot of local calls or mostly long distance calls? Are you calling during the day or usually making your calls at night? Are you using any other method of communication such as Skype or your cell phone? All of these things will make a difference when it comes to how much you pay and how much you should be paying.

If you are making a lot of long distance calls, then it might be wise to look for a plan that includes free long distance calling. While the price will be more expensive you will not incur additional costs each month based on how often you call your friends overseas. Or, make the switch to a free service that allows you to contact people over the internet.

Finding the Cheapest Phone Plan

Many people will have a home line as well as a cell phone. If you are only using your home phone for emergencies, then consider going down to a basic service or canceling it in general. In many instances, you may find that your cell phone is actually cheaper to make calls with than your home phone. This is usually the case if you are on a heavy duty cell phone plan that includes unlimited calls and text messages.

Another way to lower your phone bills is to consider bundling up other services. Phone providers often also offer cell phones, internet and cable. You may be able to save a fortune each month by bundling all of these services (or some of them) together. Make sure you write down everything you want and everything you need from each service. Know what type of cable you want (what channels you watch and what shows you like), how much data you need for your internet, what you want from your cell phone (free texts, data for internet usage) and what you use your home line for.

Speak to your current provider about making this happen for you. There are countless different plans out there so you can cater one that allows you to pay the minimum amount each month for what you need. If your current provider cannot help you and if you are not in any contract, then you may consider switching to a new provider. Tell your new provider the budget you can work with, what you want out of your phone service and they should be able to find the best plan for you. This is one of the biggest benefits to working with so many different phone providers - you have choices and you have the right to demand the very best price.

In almost all instances, when you look at lowering phone bills, do a little math and contact your provider, you will be able to lower the price. Even switching to electronic billing will save you a small amount each month. Know what you want, shop around and keep your options open.

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