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Maine cleaning services can lift your spirits at the end of a long relocation by leaving your new home clean and fresh. Whether your move takes you across the city or across the country, cleaning can consume a tremendous amount of your energy. When you're tired from packing, loading and unloading your belongings, you may not do a thorough job with your cleaning, which means that you may not get your full rental deposit back from your former landlord.

Hiring Maine cleaning services takes a burden off your shoulders by giving you the time you need to take care of other tasks. In the Pine Tree State, you'll find a number of small or large cleaning services to assist you with mopping kitchen and bathroom floors, vacuuming carpets, cleaning cabinets and appliances and scrubbing sinks. Consider quotes from several of the leading Maine cleaning services to find a responsible crew that will add the finishing touches to your relocation.

Small Businesses Versus Corporate Services

The state of Maine has several large cities, including the capital city, Augusta, and Portland, which is home to the largest port in ME and has the largest population of any Maine city. Maine also features many smaller cities and towns, such as Lewiston, Camden and Brunswick. Tourism, agriculture, paper manufacturing and ship building are among the primary industries in this state. Maine is heavily forested and features miles of remote woodlands and mountains.

When you search for Maine cleaning services, you can choose from small, private services that employ one to 50 people, or from large corporate franchises that have branches nationwide. Both small and large businesses offer certain advantages to ME renters. A family owned cleaning business may clean your apartment or condominium as well as or better than a crew from a corporate franchise. Small services often have to work harder to compete with larger Maine businesses that have corporate marketing power behind them.

Corporate services generally come equipped with all of the necessary housekeeping tools, including vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms and buckets. Small companies may request that you provide these supplies. Most teams provide their own cleansers, and all require a source of power and water. While larger services have the advantage of a nationwide reputation, smaller crews often add a personal touch to their work. Some renters in Maine feel more comfortable with local companies, while others place more trust in larger businesses.

Regardless of their size, reliable Maine cleaning services should have a business license and be bonded and insured. Dependable companies are willing to offer references, especially if they haven't been in business for very long. Most Maine cleaning services offer a standard package which addresses the basics of housekeeping. Some companies offer a more extensive package for renters who are either vacating or moving into a new apartment. Take advantage of these specials to save money on Maine cleaning services during your move.

Kitchen Cabinets and Pantries

Most companies do not clean kitchen cabinets as part of a routine session, but many will perform this service at an extra charge or include it with a move in or move out special. Many renters leave kitchen cabinets and pantries until the last minute when they're moving out of a house or apartment, because they don't want to confront pyramids of cans, piles of crumbs or sticky goo from leaky syrups. The surfaces and handles of kitchen cabinets can easily become sticky, stained or greasy.

If you're planning a relocation to ME, schedule a time weeks ahead of your move date to sort through the packaged foods in your cabinets and pantry. Make it a point to prepare as many meals as you can using the canned or boxed foods in your cabinets, pantry and freezer, so that you can make use of as many of these items as possible. Give away any food you don't want to take with you family, friends or a local food bank.

Cleaning cabinet surfaces and handles may require a little extra work. The oil on the handles can be removed using a professional strength, grease cutting cleanser. Solid wood surfaces should be treated with care using a non abrasive cleanser recommended for natural woods. Replace the paper lining on cabinet shelves before you move into or out of an apartment. Maine cleaning services can help you get your cabinets and pantry into top condition, but you must do the work of packing, donating or eating the extra food before you move.

When you hire Maine cleaning services to get your new home ready for occupation, you can start your new job or school feeling fresh and rested. Nothing is more inviting than walking into a freshly cleaned town house or apartment. Request estimates from several companies just like when comparing rental landlord insurance to find a dependable crew with a shining reputation in your new community.

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