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When it comes to party planning such as throwing a graduation party or even a kids birthday party, there are a number of things you can do ahead of time, such as get the food ready, organize the decorations and clean the house. You can also get the music ready by choosing a good selection of party music. Having good music playing for a party really sets the mood and can make it much more enjoyable for your guests and yourself.

Making a party mix is a lot easier now than ever before with MP3 players. All you really need to do is make a huge play list and let the music role through the night. There is no need to change CD's or hire a DJ to spin tunes all night. You have everything you need in a teeny tiny electronic which means you can literally press play and have the music mix rolling through the night.

Choosing Your Music Mix

When you are making a great party mix think about the overall theme of the party. This will make a huge difference to the music that you choose. If you are having a small dinner party then keep the music light. If you are having several people over for a big mixture, then go for some fun sing-along tunes. Make sure you are choosing enough music to last at least two hours as most parties will last for at least this long. Many will go for several hours so have as much music as back up just in case.

You may wish to have a few play lists handy just in case. Have a mellow list where you have slower songs and reggae music. This is often the best play list to mix up at the end of the evening when things are winding down or if there are only a few people left at the party and everyone is just sitting around enjoying a light conversation.

You may also wish to have a more rowdy mix for when the party is in full swing. Dance music and rock music are always good mixes to consider when you are in the middle of the party as it can get people going. However, make sure you are not blasting the Boss all night long as your neighbors are probably not too keen on hearing Bruce Springsteen talk about his troubles at 4am.

Rock, Pop and Dance Mixes

Look for tunes that are classic and that everyone knows. You may find that after a few drinks people are happy to dance and sing along with their favorite artists. Some of the classics to consider include rock gods like The Rolling Stones and the Beatles as well as Top 40 hits from the likes of Britney, Beyonce and Pink. Party club favorites from LMFAO and David Guetta can always get people in the mood to grove as well.

When making a great party mix, mix it up. After all, this is what a party mix is all about anyway. Go with a Top 40 hit, then an 80's classic followed by a mellow sing-along tune. Hit back with a loud rock and roll tune followed by a funky dance mix. If you notice your guests are constantly saying things like "I love this song" or "I haven't heard this in soooo long!" then you have hit the jackpot. Play around with the various songs on your MP3 player and take the time to download some new music, especially older tunes that were once popular and now make for the perfect party background.

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