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A tree house is a type of cubby house that uses a tree as the main base. If you have a large tree in your yard then your children may get into the habit of climbing up it and may want to turn this piece of nature into a fortress of their own. Making a tree house can be done in a number of different ways depending on how advanced you want the tree house to be. If you are helping your kids transform an Elk tree into a fort, then consider your options first before you start hammering away.

The most important thing to consider when it comes to making a tree house is safety. Consider the design of the tree - are there easy steps for the kids to climb up or should you attach a ladder or make stairs for easy access? Consider the branches - can they hold a lot of weight or will they crack under pressure? Consider the size of the tree - would you be able to place a wooden platform in the middle?

Tree House Design

If the tree is large enough you may be able to start your tree house off by placing wooden boards in the middle. This will be the base of the tree house. You may want to add steps or place a ladder up the tree so that the kids can easily get up and down. You may also choose to add walls, windows and a door to the cubby house but this all depends on your experience with building and how much effort you want to put into the cubby house.

Your kids will certainly want to help you with this. In fact, the more they can help, the happier they will be with the outcome. Even if your tree house looks more like a pile of timber in a tree, it won't be long before your children want to move into the new house. However, making a tree house usually requires a bit of adult supervision, especially if you are using power tools. You will most certainly need nails and a hammer as well as other possible tools such as a chain saw and an electric screwdriver depending on how advanced you want the tree house to be.

Transforming a Tree into a Tree House

There are several kits you can buy to build tree houses that include boards, ladders, rope and other needs. Of course, you need a certain type of tree to build a tree house. If you are worried that the tree of choice is not safe enough or will not hold the weight of your kids, then another option is to purchase a kid's play house or cubby house. You can buy ones made out of timber that look similar to a tree house (without the large branches coming out of the windows). Many cubby houses come with sandpits, slides, swings and other fun toys. This may be better if your children are younger or if you are concerned about the tree.

When making a tree house, keep in mind that children have an extremely wild imagination. A tree with a platform can easily be transformed into a pirate ship, a castle, a motorcycle, a tractor and anything else in a blink of the eye. Sometimes less is more and often kids just want a place to call their own. Even if your tree house is nothing but a platform in a tree, to your children, this represents so much more. And this is what building a tree house is all about in the first place.

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