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Your bedroom can easily become a cluttered mess. After all, many times when you get home from work or out with friends you will simply dump your purse, your shoes, your clothes and anything else on the floor. Over time this mess can add up and you may find that you are losing important things in your bedroom disaster zone. Take the necessary steps to get out of this bad habit such as organizing your closet area and actually make space in your bedroom.

One of the reasons you want to keep your bedroom as tidy as possible is because you will actually sleep a lot better. Arriving home and going into a messy room means you are going to bed in a mess. Even if you don't mind sleeping in your own clothes, books and anything else piled high around you, deep down in your mind you know that this needs to be cleaned up, eventually. It is better to go to sleep without these thoughts on your mind. You will sleep better and feel calmer waking up to a clean space without a day of cleaning ahead of


Selecting the Right Furniture

There are a few simple storage tips to help you manage the mess and make space in your bedroom. If everything has a place then you will be able to free up space and actually see the floors when you wake up in the morning. You will need to have a bed in place as well as some sort of dresser to store your clothes. Most bedrooms also come equipped with a closet as well as a bedside table with a lamp.

If you have a lot of room then you may also be able to squeeze a chair, a vanity table or a book shelf into your bedroom. However, often the reason your room looks so cluttered is because you are jamming too many pieces of furniture in there. If this is the case and there is not much space to move, think about getting rid of one or two of your items to clear some space.

If, for example, you rely on your book shelf to store several books, photo frames and other knick knacks, you may look into adding portable shelving onto the walls, if your landlord permits it. That way you can get rid of the bulky book case but still have a place to store these items. Or, look into a few bright colored wicker baskets to hold items like books, magazines and other knick knacks that are stored on your bookcase.

Use your closet as much as possible by getting rid of all the clothes, shoes, accessories and paperwork that doesn't need to be in there anymore. Go through your closet and put your clothes into three piles - keep; throw away; and donate. Invest in things like shoe racks and purse holders which allow you to hang these items in your closet rather than placing them in a heap on the floor.

Once your closet is actually clean you should be able to find space on the bottom to store items such as a laundry basket for dirty clothes and even a vanity table if your closet is large enough. All of a sudden you actually have space to move in your bedroom and can get into your closet.

Having too much clutter and too much furniture in a small space are common errors when furnishing a bedroom. Making space in your bedroom starts by going through and only keeping the necessities. Select the right furniture and use your closet to its full potential to make space in your bedroom.

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