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Your back deck can provide a great area outside of the house to relax, to entertain and to play. If you have children then you are all too aware of how stir crazy they can get when left inside all day. An outdoor deck can let them out into the wild but also provides them with a safe place to play. However, regardless of whether your deck is on the tenth floor of an apartment complex or on the ground floor of your house, you need to be sure it is safe for kids and adults alike.

The first thing you need to be sure of when making your back deck safe is that the floor is safe. If you have a timber deck then you need to be sure that it is properly varnished and that there are no nails or pieces of wood sticking out that can cause problems for little feet. Older decks sometimes come with splinters and areas where the varnish has come off.

If you are moving into a house with an older deck you may wish to slap on a coat of varnish before setting up your outdoor living space. This will not cost you very much money and can be done in a day or two. However, make sure you have the permission of your landlord before spending any money on deck varnish, like when painting your garage floor.

In addition to checking that the floor is in good condition and that every board is sturdy and in place another thing you need to be sure of is the gate or fence around the deck. This will keep people from falling off the deck. Even if your deck is only a few meters off the ground it is best to put up some sort of fencing for safety as well as privacy.

Foundation and Fence Concerns

Most backyard decks will already have a fence in place but if not, this might be something you request that your landlord does before you move into the home. After all, this is a serious liability problem and could end up costing your landlord in insurance claims if someone does have an accident. Furthermore while you are renting the house you are liable for what happens which is another reason to not only ensure the fence is safe and sturdy but that you have liability insurance in place.

How you choose to use your back deck will depend on a number of things. You may wish to set up an outdoor living area complete with a barbeque, fire pit and table set. Or, you may wish to set up the kiddy pool and lounge chairs for some backyard swimming fun. Or, you may choose to put some of your kids' toys, such as a swing set or cubby house out on the back deck. Whatever the case, make sure the foundation and the fencing are secure enough.

Finally, make sure there is adequate lighting on the back deck. Most porches will come with their own light that you can turn on from inside the house. If not, you can look into adding additional lights or lamps in the corners. Having a dark and slippery deck can result in some serious accidents that can easily be avoided with adequate lighting.

If you are concerned about the safety of your back deck don't hesitate to talk to your landlord or property manager about your concerns. Making your back deck safe is not only going to benefit you but also him as well. Come up with a solution that you both can agree and be happy with.

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