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Having friends in the neighborhood is a huge blessing. You can cut down on the travel time and have the convenience of having someone just across the road or next door to have a tea or even to help with cleaning up rental property flooding or some other type of property issue if need be. However, making your neighbors your friends is not that easy. It might take some serious time to warm up to your neighbors and vice versa. However, if you find that you do share some common interests, then it is possible to take this relationship to a friendship with the right tips.

Children in Rental Properties

The first thing you need is common ground. If you both have children, dogs or boats, for example, then this is a great conversation starter. You can introduce yourself and your family and then go from there. If you have children in common you might want to ask about where they go to school or daycare, whether they need any help choosing a school or getting to know the neighborhood parks and whether they would be interested in setting up a play date.

Kids are the easy route in. If you have kids and the kids get along, then the rest will fall into place. You and your neighbor will find that there is always lots of talk about while the children play. You can get a break from being a parent and do a little socializing while the kids play. Play dates are made much easier when your friend lives just down the road.

If you don't have children you are not destined to never be friends with your neighbor. You just need to think outside the box. Another good in are pets. If you both have dogs, for example, then you can introduce yourself and ask about the pet. How old is he, does he like walking, would you like to take them walking one night? Taking your dogs for a walk together is a great way to start a friendship, get out of the house and give your dogs some social time as well.

No kids, no dogs? No problem. You just need to find another conversation starter. Exercise is always a good one as are common activities. Ask about things he likes to do, such as fishing, boating, biking. You may find that both of you enjoy riding your bike and might start riding on weekends together.

Once you start getting to know one another it might be a good idea to invite your new found friend over for tea, for a beer, for dinner or for a barbeque. Bring the family and let everyone get to know one another in a casual setting. If things don't work out, then oh well. If the night turns out really well, they may look at inviting you over to theirs the next time you are free. This is how a friendship begins.

Making your neighbors your friends is not always easy. And in some instances you might find that you are happier to just say hello across the street and let it be. If you and your neighbors are at different times in your life then it can be hard to carry on a friendship. However, if you are both around the same age, share the same interests and have similar lifestyles, then it only makes sense to join forces. Barbeques, movie nights, family outings, play dates, walks - all of these things can be enjoyed with your neighbor/friend. And, best of all, you don't have to drive anywhere to get to her.

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