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In almost any rental apartment or house, you are going to be surrounded by other people. You cannot choose your neighbors, but you can choose how you handle common neighborhood problems. Knowing what the most common reason for neighborhood disputes is one way to stay on top of any issues and avoid any problems down the road.

Facing Noise Complaints

Noise is one of the most common neighbor or on campus roommate complaints. This can include anything from throwing loud parties to playing your music on a high volume as well as barking dogs and screaming children. While some noise is acceptable, some is not. If you are planning on throwing a party, then let your neighbors know ahead of time. There is nothing wrong with throwing a big get together for a special occasion such as a birthday or a going away party but having people over every weekend partying outside until the wee hours is not appropriate.

Furthermore, the occasional screaming child and barking dog is also not going to be a problem. It is when you dog barks throughout the night that you may need to speak to someone about why he is behaving like this. You may need to let the dog sleep inside so that everyone on the block can get some shut eye.

Apartment renters will probably experience even more noise dramas along the way. Stepping too loudly, vacuuming at indecent hours and even talking on the phone too loudly can all cause disruption for your neighbors if the walls are thin between each neighbor. You can take a few measures when living in an apartment to keep the noise volumes at a minimum including doing housework at regular daytime hours and wearing slippers inside the house rather than high heels or heavy soled shoes.

Lawn and Yard Complaints

Another common neighbor complaint is lack of upkeep around the home. This is more of a concern for renters in houses rather than apartments. If you are living on a street where one neighbor refuses to mow his lawn or trim back his hedges, then not only will this negatively impact the entire block but it can also cause unwanted vermin and rodents to visit the house, especially if the home dweller has fruit trees or other plants with food on them. Rotting wood can attract termites, still water can attract mosquitoes and leftover garbage can attract bears, cougars, raccoons and cockroaches to name a few. All of these things you can live without.

Every renter is responsible for keeping their lawn and yard looking decent which means regular mowing and cutting back of the bushes and other plants. If your neighbor is letting his lawn deteriorate and attracting unwanted pests, then you have the right to ask him to do something about it. Offer him a phone number of a mowing agency or a landscaping company.

If you are the one letting your yard overgrow because you are simply too busy, you can expect your neighbors to be disappointed. Even if they have not mentioned anything to you, it is a good idea to take the necessary steps needed to keep your yard looking nice. If not, then you could get a visit from your landlord requiring you to do something about this issue.

If you are unhappy with your neighbor then the best way to handle the complaint is to speak to them directly about it. Remain polite and bring up the situation in a respectful way. They may not even realize that what they are doing is disrespectful or something that would cause a common neighbor complaint. Be courteous and mature about the situation and everyone wins.

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