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Mountain View renters insurance provides renters the opportunity to protect their belongings when renting a home from someone else. This is very important since a renter can't have homeowner's insurance or similar protection. It is the landlord who protects the property itself. So if you are renting a condominium, you don't pay for the coverage on the structure. You pay for whatever is inside that belongs to you.

Unfortunately, there is a misconception that the landlord's Mountain View coverage will pay for whatever damage the tenant sustains. The truth is that this is not the case. The landlord is responsible for his or her belongings, while the tenant is responsible for theirs. It is a rather simple concept. In other words it's "everyone for themselves."

The only time that the landlord is ever responsible for anything in regards to the tenant is if the landlord is responsible for injuries that the tenant may sustain and the rest falls on your Mountain View renters insurance. For instance, a creaky floorboard is not fixed when it was supposed to be fixed. One day, one of your children runs over the creaky floor board, resulting in their foot falling through the floor and causing a bad injury. You then take your child to the doctor where you find they broke their leg.

If the broken leg is the result of the landlord not repairing something in the house or causing another hazard that results in injury, then the landlord can be held liable for the medical costs. For instance, you may attempt to make a claim against your health insurance and find that that is impossible for you to do. They want to know if the injury was due to an accident. If so, they want to know the details and who is responsible. That's so the responsible party can pay for the damages.

Renters Coverage is Unique

Mountain View renters insurance is unique in that it gives you many of the same protections that homeowners get, but without the cost. This is, perhaps, one of the most affordable forms of coverage you could possibly buy because of the fact you don't have to insure a structure. The limits tend to be low and this translates into a low premium. That is why you will find the college student protecting their belongings in their off campus dorm and why you will find the senior citizen utilizing this coverage when living in their new apartment building.

As for what is unique about California renters insurance in Mountain View: you are able to do such things as travel and still have your belongings covered by your Mountain View renters insurance. Many individuals in California like to go to the coast and spend a weekend in a condo or a hotel so that they can enjoy the beach. Sometimes, however, things are not always so secure and thieves break in, stealing anything of value they can get their hands on. When that's the case, you need to make sure you are as protected as possible.

If you are on vacation and your belongings are stolen, you simply make the claim to your Mountain View renters insurance and they will reimburse you for the losses that you incurred. You do, however, need a police report to show the validity of your claim. Once that is verified, you can then replace the items that were stolen from you with your Mountain View, CA renters insurance.

Shopping Trips

Your Mountain View renters insurance policy even protects you when you are on shopping trips. If you decide to take the family shopping and after buying many items, you decide you want to go out to dinner, leaving your purchases in your car, and then come back to them missing, you're entitled to reimbursement. You will need to call the police and tell them of the theft so that a report can be filed. From there, you will make your claim on your Mountain View renters insurance to be reimbursed for the losses.

Shopping protection such as this is provided by your Mountain View renters insurance policy because once you hand over the money for something, it is an item that belongs to you. It becomes a part of your contents. This means that it doesn't even have to make it to your California townhouse or loft to be considered the contents within. Had they not been stolen by some Mountain View thief, they would have.

So make sure you are protected with Mountain View renters insurance. That way you can make sure everything within your Mountain View residence is protected. Unfortunately, there are those renters within Mountain View, CA who are not insured with renters insurance and this can be rather devastating for them if they experience a loss. Fortunately, you don't have to be without California insurance.