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Moving heavy items is all part of the moving house process. Unless you have invested in foldable camping furniture for your home, heavier objects, such as televisions, cabinets, desks, beds and tables can be tricky to move. When you are moving heavy items in your home you need three main things. First of all, you will need the assistance of some friends or a professional; second of all, you will need the assistance of a dolly to move heavy items out of the house and into the van; and third of all, you will need floor protectors and sliders to help slide your heavy items across the floors in the easiest way possible.

When you are moving heavy items you need to do it right, similar to installing cork flooring. If not, then you could be looking at serious injury to your back, shoulder and other parts of your body. If you are planning on moving heavy items, the first step is doing a little bit of preparation. Take out all books from bookshelves, any clothes from drawers and any files from filing cabinets to make the furniture as light as possible. Put these items into boxes to put into the moving van. You can unpack and re-organize when you move into your new home.

Look at the size of your doorways and the curves of the staircases to determine if the furniture will fit. If you got the furniture into the home in the first place, then it should come out. However, many items come in boxes and thus you may need to take apart some of the items to get it out of the house. This is often necessary for items such as beds, tables and entertainment systems.

Moving Heavy Items

If you are moving an item with your body, then you need to lift with your legs, not your back. Crouch down and push off with your legs when picking up the item. Grip the box or other item at the bottom with both of your hands to keep it steady grip. If the item seems a little heavy, it's best to ask for assistance than risk dropping it halfway down the steps.

Heavier items cannot be picked up by one person. You may need to use two or more people to move some items such as your sofas and your table. However, other items can easily be moved with the assistance of sliders. Sliders act as mini wheels so that your furniture can be wheeled across the surface and out the door. Sliders work great if there are no stairs involved.

Another option when it comes to heavier items is to use a dolly, or a wheeled method of transportation that allows you to place the heavy item on the dolly and push it out of the home rather than lifting it. This is a great option for heavy sturdy square items such as washing machines, dryers and fridges that can easily lean back onto the dolly and remain secure. Most moving companies will supply several dolly's but you can also rent them out or purchase them from a moving store.

Learning how to move heavy items before your big moving day arrives is important. Take the time to research different methods and make a list of all the heavy items that may be difficult to remove. Start your day with these items so you are mire fresh and less likely to get angry or frustrated if your first attempt doesn't work. Moving is a long and annoying process but with a little planning, it can go a lot smoother for everyone.

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