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Making the trek across the nation is daunting to say the least, especially when you are moving the entire family, including pets. There are essentially two different ways to do this - you can drive or you can fly. Either way you need to make specific arrangements and think in terms of your pet's needs when moving across the nation with pets.

Flying With Pets

If you are flying your family to your new destination and letting the movers handle the long drive to your new location, then you can bring your pets with you. If your pet is quite small then he may be able to go into the seat with you for a little extra. If not, then he will need to go in cargo underneath the plane with the bags and other belongings.

If you are flying with your pet you need to have a crate for him. Furthermore, you may want to make his flight as comfortable as possible by bringing along a few toys. Some pet owners will actually drug their pet to help them calm their nerves and sleep on the flight which may be something you want to do if you know your dog is going to be scared. When using drugs to calm your pet talk to your vet about your options to ensure nothing happens causing an accidental pet death.

Keep in mind that if you are moving overseas with your pet then you will need to look into the specific requirements of bringing animals with you. Australia, for example, often does not allow pets to travel on a regular plane but insists that animals fly in a specific airplane designed for cargo. Furthermore, it can cost thousands of dollars to get your pet into other countries so be sure to check this before you assume you can bring your pup on board with you.

Driving With Pets

If you are driving across the nation to your new home then make sure you have enough space in the vehicle for your family as well as your pet. When you are moving many people will fill up the vehicle with items they forgot to pack in the moving van which can make for a pretty uncomfortable journey. Your dog or cat will need its own seat so prepare for this by keeping all cargo in the back. Try not to have anything around your seat except perhaps a pillow and a backpack for the kids with snacks, DVD's and other entertainment for the long ride ahead.

When you are driving across the nation, especially with kids, you will most likely be taking breaks to sleep. What this means is that you need to have accommodation planned that allow animals. Many hotels will not and many will only have a few rooms reserved for travelers with pets. So be sure to book in advance and look for motels along the way that do offer this service. If not, then you could be spending a few hard nights sleeping in your car on the side of the road.

Whether driving or flying, moving across the nation with pets is not a tricky thing and is just one more thing you need to think about. Moving takes a lot of preparation and planning. Make sure you do take the time to contact the airline to learn about the regulations when flying with pets or to book hotels if driving that accommodates your pet. This will save you a lot of hassle and potential dramas once you are in the process of moving.

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