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Moving heavy furniture can be a dangerous and hard part of your packing schedule. If you are not careful you could end up causing serious injury to your back, neck and shoulders which is why you should always have assistance when moving heavier objects. It is a good idea to leave the items in your house that are too heavy to lift on your own exactly where they are and wait until moving day before you actually try to move them. This means you only have to move the items twice (once from the house to the van and once from the van to your new home).

Another important tip when moving big ticket items is to choose a place where they will go beforehand. If you get the chance, go to your new home and map out where you want the furniture, or a general idea of what goes where. That way you won't have to move these larger items all around your house, up the stairs and back again if you are not happy with the place.

Another good idea when it comes to moving heavy furniture is to get help. You can easily lift many sofas, beds and dining room tables when you have the assistance of two or more people. If you are not using a moving company then ask your friends to come over for an hour or two and move these big ticket items for you. This will make it much easier and help conserve your energy for the unpacking process.

Big Items and Moving

Even if your friends are busy, it should only take a few minutes to move these big tickets items. Ask a neighbor to come over and help you for a few minutes and lift those extra heavy items into the truck. Some of the big items that you will need help with include beds, tables, sofas, desks and entertainment systems.

The good thing about some of these larger items is that many companies will actually have wheels built into the furniture. What this means is that you can wheel the item to the door and then only need to lift it a short distance. You may even be able to wheel the items outside in some instances. If your furniture has built in wheels on them, then take advantage of this.

If not then you can actually buy portable wheels that make moving heavy items much easier. Nothing is easier than sliding the system which is why these things are so handy. You can pick up portable moving wheels at any home ware or hardware store and these are certainly worth your while, especially if you have quite a few big items to move and are doing it yourself.

You can also use a dolly system to move some of the larger items, such as washing machines, dryers, televisions and dishwashers. These handy systems allow you to lift the item onto the dolly and wheel the system out. Again, it is much easier and much better for your back.

All of these tips can make moving heavy furniture much easier for you. However, perhaps the easiest way to move these big ticket items is to hire a contractor to do it for you. Moving companies have the equipment and the experience to move big ticket items so you don't have to. This is a great way to keep your back and your sanity intact and make the whole moving experience a lot easier for everyone.

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