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Found a better rental property down the road from the one you are currently in or have teen moving into a dorm and no longer have a need for the extra space? This is actually a lot more common than you think. Many renters will be happy with their current neighborhood or suburb but not too impressed with something about the house, the lease or the landlord. If you like the area then you can also look into rental properties nearby, provided your lease is coming to an end. Moving in the same neighborhood may not be as extreme as moving across the country but there is still a lot to do.

Organization and packing come to mind first. Yes, you probably won't have to change schools, to look for a new job or switch your license to another state but you will still have a lot of other paperwork and organization things to do. You will still need to change your address with the postal office and you will still need to change your renters insurance, your driver's license and other documents. Phone, internet, water, electricity - all of these things need to be switched to reflect your new address.

You can wait to do this all in the same day or you can do it slowly every night in the days leading up to the big move. This is up to you and to how you like to operate. Allow yourself a few spare hours to make the phone calls and contact all the different companies if you are doing it on the same day. It could take you a few minutes, if not hours, to get through to some of the companies (ahem... your phone provider).

Moving in the Same Suburb

Packing is also a big one when it comes to moving in the same neighborhood. The good thing when moving down the road is that you can probably get away with using a few pals to help you move the heavy items and making several trips with your car. Or you can hire a U-Haul moving system for much less than using a traditional moving service. There really isn't any need when you are only moving five minutes away.

The moving service you use will depend on how much stuff you have. There are some items that you might not be able to move without the assistance of a moving company such as a grand piano. However, if you have just a few couches, a bed, a dining table and a few other heavy items, then you can probably move these items with a few truck loads.

Moving will take all day, even if you are only moving a few blocks away. Take the time to be organized for the big moving day by having all the smaller items boxed up and ready to go ahead of time. Often when you are moving property rentals you won't have much time to prepare. You may get approved of the new house two weeks before moving day and thus you will probably start packing as soon as you get the word and put in your notice to your landlord.

Moving in the same neighborhood still requires the same patience and organization. Take this time to throw away or donate nay items that you do not use anymore rather than packing them up and moving them into the closet or storage room in your new rental. Make a fresh start by only bringing the things you need. This will eliminate a lot of the clutter, the mess and the hassle that comes with moving across state, across country or even across the street.

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