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Moving in with your boyfriend is a big step. However, it can also be an exciting time for the two of you, as long as you are ready for it. Moving in together can prepare you for living together on a permanent basis if you decide to get married. It can also help you grow closer and learn to live with each other’s cute (but annoying) quirks. While many people frown upon moving in with a boyfriend before you are married (such as your parents for example), it is a personal decision and, in the end, entirely up to the two of you.

Common Concerns with Living with a Boyfriend

When moving in with your boyfriend there is bound to be some problems and concerns. Mess is a big issue. Living with a boy is a lot different than sharing your space with your parents, your sister or a female roommate. For one, boys tend to leave trails of mess wherever they go – they leave the toilet seat up, they leave empty beer cans in the lounge room, they leave dirty cups in the sink, they leave un rinsed dishes on the table, they leave worn underwear on the floor. You need to figure out a way to get your boyfriend to learn how to be tidier without coming across as too much of a nag. It is all about compromise. While some women find that yelling at their boyfriend works, others will use bribery or punishment. Others are happy to accept their mess and clean up after their boyfriend. It is entirely up to you.

Another common concern when it comes to moving in with a boyfriend is neighborhood party planning or decorating issues. You will probably have much different tastes when it comes to where to place items and what to put on the walls. He may want to put his Xbox in the lounge room, for example, while you probably think it is better placed in the closet (or garbage). He may want to put posters of famous women on your bedroom walls while you will probably want to go with photographs, wall art or wall decals of flowers and patterns. Again, compromise is key. Rearrange the furniture and decorate together, even if this means you do all the decorating and your boyfriend sits on the couch nodding.

Living Together with a Boyfriend

If you have a lot of space, let your boyfriend have his own ‘man room’ where he can decorate and keep his items including bulky gym equipment, video game systems, and tacky furniture that he refuses to give up. If space is an issue, then try to find some space in the apartment or house that is reserved just for him (and same for you). A corner in the lounge room, for example, or a bookcase in the office – keeping a small piece of the apartment to yourself will help keep your identity and independence when living with a partner.

Every couple is different just like every person is different. It is up to you and your boyfriend to find a living arrangement that you both are happy with. While some couples make an effort to eat dinner together every night and share the cooking duties, others are happy to eat apart and cook for themselves. You may be happy to do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry duties while your boyfriend is in charge of the outdoor chores or you may alternate each week. There is no right or wrong way to go about moving in with your boyfriend as long as both of you are happy.

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