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If you are making the move into a studio apartment then you can expect a tight squeeze. Many renters that are first moving out of Mom and Dad's will look into a studio apartment as they are quite affordable and also easy to furnish. A studio is a large room that usually contains one large living area, a kitchen as well as a bathroom. If you are lucky it may also come with a balcony or patio as well as a separate entrance way. Your object when moving into a studio apartment is to make it as spacious as possible.

How you do this will depend on what you are working with. You will probably want to separate your living area into three or four mini spaces - a bedroom, a kitchen or eating area and a living area. What you choose to do with the space and how much emphasis you put into each 'room' will depend on what type of furniture you have.

Studio Apartment Living

Let's start with the basics - your bed. There is a good chance that you will have one of these. Choose to place your bedroom close to the closet so you can easily get to your clothes in the morning. You may also wish to set up a small laundry basket for dirty clothes as well as a desk or vanity table to keep personal items on. Or, you may choose to keep these things in the bathroom and instead have a bedside table for books, a lamp and other items. If you have a pet, find safe toys for them and confine them to the kitchen area for cleanliness.

Moving onto the kitchen area, your studio apartment will probably come equipped with a fridge, oven, stove and cupboards but that might be it. You may want to supply a small kitchen table or you may wish to simply eat your meals in front of the television on the coffee table. If your kitchen comes with cabinet space you could invest in a couple of bar stools to create a makeshift eating area if you do ever have guests over.

The living room will be where you spend most of your time. You may have a couch or a couple of chairs to move into your studio apartment as well as a television, a stereo, a coffee table and a cabinet. Other items that can fill up your living area include lamps and lighting fixtures, bookcases, shelves and any type of storage system to hold things like books, CD's, DVD's, pens, paper, etc.

Moving Your Furniture

When you are moving into a studio apartment you may need to move up several lots of stairs or an elevator. Take your time and get the assistance you need. Even if you only have a few items, it is much easier transporting a couch up a set of stairs with a partner than doing it on your own. If you are using the elevator then inform the other tenants that you are moving in so they can expect a small delay when going up or down.

When moving into a studio apartment you need to be careful not to make any dents or dings on the walls which can be quite easy to do. One option you have is to plan where you want your items before you actually move. Spend a few minutes visualizing how you want to set the apartment up. That way you can move the heavy items into place right away and don't have to worry about switching them around later. This will save you time and prevent any wall mishaps in the process.

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