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The time has come - you are finally waving goodbye to Mom and Dad or to your annoying roommates and moving into your own home. Whether you have bought your first home or whether you are renting a house by yourself for the first time, this is a big step forward. You are officially growing up and taking responsibility. And taking care of a house is a big one!

So what can you expect when moving into your own home? The first thing is the actual moving in aspect. Packing up your furniture and boxes is one of the most tedious aspects of moving, especially if you are doing it on your own. Look for a moving truck company to help or if you are only moving a short distance and have a truck, then ask some friends to help you on moving day. Throw in a case of beer each for the effort.

In addition to moving your boxes from A to B, you also need to set up a change in address and consider cutting down troubleseome trees in your new yard; but that can wait until later. You can register your new address through the post office for a slight fee. This will automatically redirect your mail for you. Or, you can contact each provider and let them know about your change of address. You will need to speak to your telephone, your internet, your electrical provider, your home or renter's insurance provider and many more about your new change of address.

Maintaining a Home

Another thing you need to learn about when moving into your own home is how to keep it clean and maintained. This means keeping both the inside and the outside in good working order. In addition to scrubbing the toilets, changing the bed sheets, vacuuming the floor, tidying the dishes and cleaning the oven you are also going to need to keep the outside looking good. This can include general landscaping, regular mowing, and fertilizing and bi-annual big yard cleanups.

How much time you spend cleaning will depend on how you live. Many people will spend as much as 5 hours a day cleaning the house, especially if you have a house filled with a few grubby kids. Others may only do a general clean once a week for an hour and that's it. It is your house; however, keep in mind that the cleanliness of your home will reflect upon you. Furthermore, if you are renting then the dirtier you let the home get, the harder it will be to clean it when you do move out.

In addition to cleaning and general yard work you also need to make sure everything is in good working order. Sometimes bad things happen to good homes. For example, leaking pipes, broken appliances and clogged gutters can all cause serious problems. You need to have the tools to fix these problems yourself and have the name of a company that can get the job done for you. This is all part of taking care of your own home.

But don't worry, it's not all work when moving into your own home. There is plenty of fun involved as well, such as decorating. After you have gone the hard hours of packing everything up, you get to choose where everything goes and figure out how to decorate each room.

Furthermore, when moving into your own home you can also enjoy all activities on your schedule, not anyone else's. You can watch what you want, shower when you feel like it, eat when you want and enjoy the freedom and bliss of living on your own for the first time. Soak it up while you can.

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