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Moving out of a rental apartment is most certainly going to be easier than moving out of your own house. This is because you will not have the added stress of trying to sell your home on top of the whole moving process. The good news for renters in an apartment is that you may be able to get everything done in a day or two. However, the bad news is that you are going to be working like crazy to ensure that every crack is properly cleaned and ready for your landlord's or next renter's inspection.

The reason you need to go to great lengths to clean your rental apartment, even though you do not own it, is to that you get the damage deposit back. Any cleaning that you do not do will need to be done by someone else and for a fee. Your landlord will usually hire a professional to do the cleaning that you have not done yourself that charges an hourly rate. He will use your damage deposit or bond money to pay for any services that had to be done. It is best to avoid this by doing as much of the cleaning as possible yourself.

Moving and Cleaning Tips

In most instances, when moving out of a rental apartment, the first thing you need to do is actually move. Then, once all the furniture is out of the apartment, you can start the cleaning process. When you are moving your furniture you need to be extra careful not to make any dents or dings in the walls or ceilings as this can cost you later on.

There are several different ways to move out of rental apartment. You may wish to use a moving company or you may want to hire your own van or truck to do the transporting yourself. Or, you may be able to just rely on friends and family that have trucks to help you with the furniture. This is your best bet if you are only moving a short distance. You can most likely move the furniture in a one bedroom apartment after just a few trips with a truck (or several trucks).

Once all the furniture is out you will have a better idea of what needs to be cleaned. Start in the corner room and go from there. The biggest places to hit include the oven and fridge which are often forgotten as well as the toilets, bathtub and sink. Make sure you get inside all the kitchen and bathroom cupboards and in all the crevices. Take a wash cloth and wipe down all the walls, baseboards and other areas. Wash all the windows, mop all the floors and hire a steam cleaner to clean the carpeted rooms.

In most instances, you will need to meet with your landlord before you move out for the final inspection and to return the key. Go around with your landlord and see if he says there is anything else that needs to be cleaned. If so, then you can do it then and there and save yourself a bill later on.

Most landlords are going to be reasonable with the cleaning aspect of moving out but some are going to try and take the deposit regardless. If this is the case, then you can dispute it in court or you can move on and accept that some people are just plain rude. The most important thing when moving out of a rental apartment is that you treat the place as if it were your own, even if you have already mentally and physically checked out.

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